January 17, 2013
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Their eyes met. The spark they shared was powerful; stars and planets blossomed from the connection, forming a beauteous garden across the universe. In that instant, he knew he was in love with her, and she with him.

They reached for each other, but the moment they touched, they both recoiled in pain. While he possessed the warmth of fire, she was cold as ice. Heartbroken, she ran to a distant corner of space and wept. He, being equally devastated, took a position at the center of the galaxy, where he sat in deep thought.

For many eons, they lamented their misfortune. However, one day, he was struck with an idea. He traveled the universe to find his love. Though she still wept, he led her to a lush planet teeming with the beginnings of life. At first, she was hesitant; but as the tides swirled and bowed around her, she found herself falling in love with the earth.

Once she was content, he executed his plan; with a playful grin, he began chasing her across the hills. At first, she was frightened. But as he followed at a pace equal to hers, making no move to capture her, she understood his game and ran just as happily. They chased each other through the forests and mountains, over the oceans and seas, never once slowing down. Even as life blossomed beneath their feet, creating magnificent structures with the minerals of the earth, they ran.

Though they could never be together, they were content in their endless race. They were light and dark, day and night, sun and moon as they chased each other across the galaxy.

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