Life Can Be A Fairy Tale.

January 14, 2013
By Brittany1996 SILVER, Waupun, Wisconsin
Brittany1996 SILVER, Waupun, Wisconsin
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The smell of autumn was in the air. Along with the smell of my boyfriends leather jacket. The idea of leaves falling made me even more excited to get today done with and tonight started. As I jumped out of bed to go to the bathroom, the sound of a truck shot through my open window. I looked down to see my guy, Jake waiting for me in his truck. “Holy crap!” I yelled. “I slept in!” Running around like an excited dog I was able to get dressed, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and comb my hair. Dashing out of my bedroom door to go downstairs, I realized I totally forgot my purse. Thunk thunk thunk! Went my body down the stairs. That is what happens when I try to stop right in front of the stairs of my house. I think to myself. Beep Beep! Jake is just going to have to wait a few minutes for me to get my head back on straight. Laughing to myself I get of the floor and run back up the stairs. “Bella!” My mother yells. “Are you okay? Did you fall again?” “Of course she did!” My older brother yells obnoxiously. “Shut up Brad!” I yell to my brother. Who replies with a slight grin. As I return to my room my phone has seven miss calls and twelve new text messages. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” I shout out the window. Grabbing my backpack I head back down the stairs. Second try down the stairs. I thought. I walked out the front door to see him standing next to the passenger seat door with it wide opened waiting for me. Let me not forget he was holding a dozen roses in his hand. On a side note Jake is always so sweet to me even though sometimes I don’t deserve it. We have been together since freshman year, we are both seniors now. Walking up to jake he grabs my hand and kneels down holding out the flowers, “Hello beautiful,” he says with a smile. Trying not to blush I reply, “Oh josh Jake why must you over do every Friday?” “Because you're worth every bit of it, and more.” He says back.

Jake and I have been friends since as long as I can remember. His dad and my dad used to work together. My dad passed away the summer of eighth grade. He was an officer. A Sunday night he got called out to go to a drug house. When my dad knocked on the door he was stabbed, died instantly. I wanted to kill the man that did that to my dad. I wouldn’t ever accept that my daddy was gone. I wasn’t his little princess anymore. I can still remember the funeral like it was yesterday. Sitting on the chair all alone. “Bella,” Jake said to me softly. I looked up, not saying anything. It had been years since I had actually talked to Jake. “I am so sorry Bella, and I know that doesn’t change what happened. Nothing will change what happened and no one will take his place. He was a wonderful man, who has made a wonderful and beautiful daughter.” I still today don’t know what got into me, but just after Jake said that I stood up and hugged Jake. I felt so much warmth, comfort and love I have never felt before. We stood their hugging for it seemed like eternity. Then he let go, grabbed my hand and said, “Bella I love you and I care about you. Jake said softly. I will never leave you and I am always here for you. I know you love me too and I know your dad would want you to be happy with me. Don’t push me away. Please.” All the bitterness that was in my heart from everything in my past melted away and that split moment I felt my dad reach down, grab my hand and place it on Jakes. Ever sense then me and Jake have been inseparable
. “Bella?” Jake said. I realized I was still standing in front of Jakes truck. Jake spoke again, this time I actually understood him. “We are going to be late for school Bella, you okay hun?” “Yea sorry,” I said while jumping in the truck.

After school Jake met me at my locker. “Hey hun, ready to go for a joy ride?” “Always,” I replied smiling. We finally made it to the meadow,where dad and I made a tree fort when I was seven. Jake and I made it a regular event to come back here. As I sat on the back of the truck. Jake places his hand on mine, the warmth from the last rays of the sun soak in my skin. I look to my right to see the wind blow through the trees as the leaves give of one final embrace. As we talk the wind blows harder. I can see his breath, It reminded me of when we were kids. When it was cold out we would pretend we were smoking. “We thought we were so cool as kids.” Jake said. His laugh always made everything feel perfect. I had always told Jake his laugh is so powerful it could save lives. Jake was never one of those hot shot football jocks. He didn’t boast about anything but, “Dating the prettiest girl in school.” Is what he always said. “Bella, I love you.” He said to me, looking into my eyes as if he can feel what I’m feeling. The warmth of his love blew over me. Quietly I reply. “I love you too Jake.” “No I mean really.” He said, with his serious face. “I’m never going to leave you, or loose you. Bella you deserve to be kissed every hour, every day and every night.” “Oh Jake, you are so amazing.” I say as Jake interrupted me. “Marry me Bella.” Jake said as he pulled out a ring case. Tons of different emotions go through my head all at once. I freeze in shock. “Wear this ring as a promise to us that we will be together forever. In sickness and in health. Forever and always Bella.” I try to speak but words don't form. Only tears. Tears of joy to know that I’m never going to have to worry about being alone. “I love you Jake.” I say as he puts the ring on my finger and gives me his ring to put on his finger. The moon peeks out as Jake and I talk about wedding plans. “Well we better get you home before your mom freaks out again.” Jake says starting to stand up and stretch out his body.Then he puts his hand out to help me up. Once he drops me of we say are good nights. I walked in the back door and already had a text from him. Yep he’s a keeper. I thought to myself, giggling.

The rest of the weekend went by fast, although I didn’t hear much from Jake. Monday came along and Jake picked me up like normal. Although I didn’t get a good morning text from him. Which was odd. He honked his horn letting me know he was here. I dashed out the front door to see him sitting in his truck waiting for me. Our conversation in the car on the way to school, at lunch, during passing times and on the way home consisted of “Hey, hi, text me and bye.” Something was wrong. Jake never acted like that and he looked really uptight and nervous. I texted him that night. “Hey..” Was my first text to him. “Hi..” He replied. Thinking to myself. That was odd, no hun. He always texted me and said Hi hun. “What's wrong?” I said. “Why would you ask me a question like that?” he texted. “Because! You don’t say hun anymore, no kisses or holding my hand or anything!” That night I realized waiting for a reply and never getting one will make you feel numb inside. The pain of knowing something bad was happening or happened kept me awake all night.
The next morning, I woke up to rocks being hit at my window. What in the world! I thought. Getting up and wobbling over to my window. I didn’t have to get all the way to my window before knowing who it was, Jake was here. The idea of running back into bed was too tempting, but I kept walking. “Bella!” He yelled. “Hey, can i come in?” “Yea I guess.” I said regretting it. I thought. “Hey bella, we need to talk.” Jake said as he walked in the door. Taking my hand he walked me into the living room and sat me on the couch. Then he sat next to me. After talking and crying for about an hour and a half I found out, Jake had brain cancer. The emotions that went through me that day are indescribable. “What are we going to do now? I can’t lose you Jake. I couldn’t stand the pain.” I said trying to hold back tears that I just couldn’t resist. “You won't lose me. No matter what happens I will always be in your heart Bella.” He said. I felt the tears roll down my face. After we sat their for about two hours the only thing I could think of saying was, “I love you and I will love you for the rest of my life. Whether or not you are here with me.”

For the next few weeks Jake and I were with each other as much as we could be. After being with Jake one night I walked into the house. “Bella what are you doing?” My mom said. “What do you mean what am I doing?” I replied. “With Jake, what are you doing with Jake? Honey you know what he,” Before my mom finished her sentence I interrupted her. “Mom! Seriously! Back off! I love Jake!” I yelled and ran upstairs. I promised myself I was going to be their for Jake no matter what. For once, I had to be the strong one. Jake couldn’t be strong for both of us. Even though he still tried to.
The year went by faster than you can believe. Between going to school, going to Jakes to check on him and take care of him my life was booked. Jake had to do online schooling because the chemo made him tired and sick. But he was still doing it. Chemo every other morning, then home to sleep, then at night he did school. Jake’s parents didn’t want Jake to worry about school, they just wanted him to worry about chemo. Jake denied. “I have to finish school and graduate with Bella mom! Bella is in my life now and always. I can’t support her if I didn’t get my diploma on time.” Graduation was coming closer and closer. Finals were coming up and my mom started pressuring me about putting in college applications. I kept denying my mom. I kept telling her I was going to wait and see what happened to Jake before I decided whether not college was a good decision for my life.

After graduation, Jake got worse. He started to forget things and lose his memory. But he never forgot me and he still seemed to keep his sweet smile. Thats what kept me going through senior year of school, his smile. About two months after graduation Jake was put in the hospital. It frightened me but I stayed there with him. I was there basically all the time. The hospital was both me and Jake’s new home. Jake’s parents both worked a lot. Jake’s mom was discussing quitting her job. But I knew she loved it too much, so I let her know I would stay with Jake at the hospital.

The chemo finally ended and before Jake was released from the hospital the doctor pulled me to the side. “Bella, we need to talk now.” The doctor said leading me to her office. We have given Jake all the chemo possible, but his body cant take anymore.” She paused. “Well what does that mean then?” I asked. “Well that means now Jake is just going to have to take it one day at a time and make everyday count. I don’t like to frighten you young people, but Jake doesn’t have much time left.” I nodded and left. I decided to move out and live with Jake. We spent every waking moment together. I know it was hard on my mom, but she knew it was hard on me too. Jake got worse, he lost feeling in his legs and hands and couldn’t eat or walk by himself. It was so hard for me to see what was happening to him.

Finally one night when Jake fell asleep I went out on the porch and sat on the patio swing. I looked up at the stars and started praying. “God, daddy, is anyone here? Can anyone hear me?” I shouted. “Help me, I can’t do this alone. God don’t take Jake from me! Please make a way when their is no way. Save us Lord save us!” At that split second I felt my father sit next to me, and put his hand upon my hand. I felt him rubbing his hand back and forth on my hand. “Daddy?” I said softly. Suddenly I heard my dads voice, soaking in his voice once more I listened. “Yes baby girl. God is here for you and he is looking out for you. Sweetie you are so amazing, being so strong for you and Jake. God will make a way.” The next few days Jake slowly was getting better. He was able to eat, drink, walk and talk by himself again.

The next week I took Jake to his checkup the doctor once again pulled me to the side. “Bella hello again.” She said to me. “Hi Doctor. How does Jakes cat scan look today?” I said. “Well actually Bella I am super surprised. After we took him of the chemo he was able to form white blood cells again which are fighting of the cancer and keeping him alive. That rarely happens but in Jake’s case it is. It gives Jake at least five years more to live as long as the white blood cells remain to do their job.” The warmth of my father came over me. Running back to him I gave him a big hug.Two years later Jake and me got married, it was a wonderful family wedding. I could feel my fathers presence there with me. People say life's not a fairy tale. But mine was. Jake was healed from cancer and put on remission and never again had another sign of cancer in his body. Mine and Jakes love for each other was tested when Jake got cancer, and we passed the test. My life is a fairy tale, and I made it up the mountain and back down and they always say at the bottom of the mountain there are beautiful flowers and meadows, their right. Yes there will still be hardships in life. But with Jake by my side I learned I can get through anything.

Brittany Ecker has been involved in many school newspapers. She loves romance and enjoys writing about made up romance stories. She presently lives in Wisconsin with her mother and father.

The author's comments:
I think this is one of my best short stories. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it.

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