A Non-Fairytale, Fairytale Ending

January 9, 2013
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Everybody wants their fairytale ending. Everybody wants their happily-ever-after. Everybody wants to share truelove’s kiss. Everybody wants to live the fairytale life. Especially me, Cassidy Cummins.

The problem is that fairytales are so... predictable, unrealistic. I mean they all go exactly the same way, just with different characters. “Once upon a time there was a beautiful maiden... blah, blah, blah... the evil so-in-so captured the beautiful maiden... the handsome prince rescued her... they shared truelove’s kiss and lived happily-ever-after, the end.” After awhile that story just gets old. Nobody wants to live a life that predictable. Except we all want the ending to go just like that, a predictable happily-ever-after.

I personally think a fire-breathing dragon would make life a little more interesting. Sadly this is the real world. There are no fire-breathing dragons, no mermaids, no princesses that get locked away in towers, no magic mirrors, and for a lot of people there is no happily-ever-after. That certainly doesn’t stop a girl from wanting one though. Even though it’s impossible, I can’t help but want to live inside a children’s book. Where everyone (who’s not the villain) gets a happily-ever-after.

Fairytales are fun, and almost always have a happy ending (at least the disney versions). What’s more, they always seem to have a search for truelove. I want that. I want my fairytale ending (minus the poison apple).

So that is why I never stop searching for my true love. That is also why am obsessed with fairytales. That also happens why I was at the mall. Whenever Rings and Things have a sale on their bracelet charms I always go. I have a collection of fairytale themed charms (along with other various jewelry items), and was at the mall to add to my collection.

I had just exited the store, with my new glass slipper charm, when I walked straight into a gorgeous guy. Long blond hair (at least long for guy standards), mint green eyes, and muscular arms full of books which all fell to the ground along with me. He was able to keep his balance, but I landed on my butt in the middle of a puddle. Just my luck.

“Are you okay?” said the guy, looking at me with worried puppy-dog eyes. Although now that I think of it he could just be worried that I got one of his new books wet (I did get most of them wet), but his eyes seemed more compassionate than that.

“Ya, I’m fine. Sorry about your books.” I said motioning to one of his books that was sitting next to me in the puddle. As I took a closer look at the book I noticed that it was “The Little Mermaid” (The original, not the disney version). It may not have the happily-ever-after, but I still loved it. As I picked up the book to hand it to him I said “The Little Mermaid, nice choice.”

“You now it?” Instead of grabbing the book, be took my other hand and helped pull me up.

“Not everybody only knows the disney outlook.”

“Outlook?” he questioned skeptically.

“Okay, I guess marrying the prince of your dreams, and turning into sea foam are pretty different endings.” All he did was chuckle.

“So which do you prefer, the classics, or the disney junk?”

“Glad to know you’re so impartial.” I joked.

“Okay, so maybe I like the original versions better, and that doesn’t answer my question.”

“I love all fairytales, but I have to admit that I prefer the happy endings.”

“What do you mean, happy endings? Some of originals end pleasantly.”

“I know, but for the most part disney has to put a happier spin on things. I mean would you rather have a prince charming happily-ever-after, or turn into sea foam.”

“I see your point.”


There was a satisfied silence between us and then that mystery man said “By the way, I’m James. And you are?”

It was a simple question. All I needed to say was Cassidy. What’s the fun in that though. After all did Cinderella give her name to her prince at first. No. She made him work for it. True, this guy was just some random guy who I bumped into, but you never know. So why should I give him my name easily? Why not make him work for it? All I did was stay silent, and smile.

“Are you going to tell me your name?”

James looked intrigued, but I knew I couldn’t stay quiet forever. “Maybe.”

James seemed about to burst into laughter and scream at the same time. “Maybe?”

“Ya, but only if you can find me again.” If he really deserved to know my name, then he should search the kingdom to find it out, to find me. Before he could get another word out, I turned around and walked into the nearest store (it was a Barnes & Noble) Then I let myself disappear within the rows, and rows of books.

A week later I was in the same mall, same spot. Even though Rings and Things wasn’t having a sale, I was there. I had lost my glass slipper charm the very day I bought it. Probably when I fell in the puddle. When I met James, right there, in front of Barnes & Noble. The chances were slim that the charm would still be there, but it was worth checking out. I had fallen in love that slipper, and I really wanted it on my bracelet.

I was bent down on my hands and knees looking under a bench, when a pair of blue and grey Converse appeared. Then I heard a familiar voice, and my heart skipped a beat. “Did you lose something Cinderella?”

I got up, cocked my head, and just stared at him. “Actually it’s Cassidy.”

James smiled and held out my glass slipper charm. “Nice to meet you Cassidy.”

All I thought was, you don’t need a fairytale in order to have a happily-ever-after. You don’t need a magic wand, or a bippity-bobbity-boo to put a little magic in your life. All you need is the right person, the right moment, and the right story.

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In_Love_with_Writing said...
Jan. 14, 2013 at 5:18 pm
Really great story! But it would have been amazing if you edited a little further. nice job :)
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