How I Met the One

December 25, 2012
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Hmm..I wonder when I first met him? Was it two years ago during early November? Or was it late October…?

Yes! It was two years ago in October…when I first saw him. He had walked in with his other friend, asking about my best friend, May’s, whereabouts. They both seemed extremely worried. It was a windy October day…I was busy working at the bakery shop that my middle aged aunt owned. May used to work with me too. We were the only two employees, since it wasn’t a big shop.

“Have you seen May, by any chance?” he asked and I shook my head, absentmindedly, unknown to the fact that they were her classmates. Her ridiculously rich classmates.

“She took a day off from work…I was about to call her…” I replied and then he nodded and then leaned against the counter, “She’s really fickle…”

“I can’t believe a girl is the reason why Ken and Mason fought. This is stupid…and Ken is acting like a jerk too…” the other guy said and then I suddenly raised a question, “Umm…who are you people?”

“My name is Erick, Erick Waterwillow,” the taller one extended his hand out for a shake, but since I knew he had insulted my friend, I ignored it and then he raised a brow and answered with his name, “Abel Nightroad.”

“Listen, I don’t care who you are, or what is the purpose of your visit, but I would request you to not insult my friend and call her fickle. You have no idea who she is…or how nice she is,” I spoke firmly and then he, as in Abel, muttered something to himself and then the other one, Erick, rolled his eyes and suddenly my shop owner walked in from the back door, “What’s the commotion…?” she trailed off as her eyes set on the two boys and suddenly, for a slight creepy second, her eyes glittered.

“We need to look for May and you’ll help us now, right…?” Abel’s eyes were set on me with a devilish smirk, “Obviously I will...not. May must be home and I have to work.”

Abel looked at my manager and then smirked, “But if Erick, this handsome womanizer helps out here, you’ll be okay, right…ma’am?”

My manager, as I know her, said yes right away. Abel grabbed my hand and dragged me with him to lead him to May’s house. When I saw the sleek black limo, I knew who he was. He was one of May’s rich classmates’. And after putting the puzzle together, I realized who he actually was. Abel Nightroad, heir of the Famous textile and pottery Industrialist Company. His father was a world class potter, Jacob Nightroad. Also, he was one of the members of the groups of four at May’s school, called ‘F4’. F4 stood for ‘Flower Four’. And although it was a new concept in this new age, it was quite popular. Not only were they masculine, but they were ridiculously beautiful and mesmerizing to look at.

May, my best friend since Kindergarten, had recently started attending this rich school, where she got a scholarship and she used to mention about this ‘F4’ at work. She said they were rich, mean and violent. Their leader, Mason, and her went on war a few days ago…but somehow…he fell in love with her.

And as for May, she already had eyes for someone else. He is from F4 as well. His name is Keniten Louis. Half French-half Korean, and her ‘marble eyed’ prince. She said he rarely smiled and loved another girl, whom he followed to France. But Keniten returned a few days ago and now she was stuck in a love triangle with him and Mason. This sounded ridiculous at first, but now that I have met the rest of F4…I think she wasn’t lying after all.
“So what’s your name?”

“None of your business,” I replied with a grave tone as we reached May’s house, “May seems to be sick, but if you or any of your stupid ‘Flower 4’ mess with her, you’ll pay.”

I walked off from their and then the next time I met this particular guy was exactly a month later.

I wasn’t into boys that much, but for once, I really fell hard for someone. It was a guy called Will. Will was a basket ball player from the school that resided right opposite to mine. I met him during an inter school match, where my team beat his’. It was like love at first sight for us.

But then, one unlucky day, I asked May and Mason to come on a double date with us. It felt like the biggest mistake of my life. Will seemed a bit jealous of Mason’s looks and physic while Mason couldn’t really tolerate Will’s snappy and casual attitude. Before we both knew, Mason and Will had engaged into a fierce fight and it even led to some puches and kicks. But who knew, that Mason was a black belt.

Will walked off from the date and I didn’t hear from him for almost five days.

One night, when May and Mason had just fought again because of the double date crash, we crossed paths with Will…and another older female. I wanted to greet him nicely, but he locked hands with the girls and looked at me with a weird look, when the lady asked her if he knew me, “Nope…Although it seems I might have seen her somewhere…”

And with that they walked off with a plan to watch a movie.

I was crushed. I had trusted Will so much, but he turned out to be one of those sick bastards that only followed girls around with more money. I ran.
I ran away, leaving May alone, and I ran as fast as I could, not realizing that the sign was red for pedestrians. I stopped in the middle of the road, when I saw a white car making its way to met, but then it stopped inches away from me. My knees shook violently and I collapsed on the road. I heard the doors open violently and then someone touched my shoulder, whispering my name, “Sakura…?”

I looked up with a tear stained pale face and found myself looking at a familiar face of a flower like boy. Abel Nightroad.

Abel took me to his house. It was huge…like super duper huge. He walked me to his workshop where he did his pottery and other art work. It was beautiful room brightly lit, with numerous works of pottery kept to dry or showcased. Then there were other art works, painting and textiles.

He was really talented.

Abel offered me coffee and then said, “Heartbreak is what helps one grow. When someone suffers from a heartbreak, they tend to grow up more. Become more sensible. And now that you’ve suffered it, you’ll grow more.”

I finished my coffee and then kept the cup down. He stood up and walked closer to me, examining my face, then my hands and legs, “What are you doing…?” I sniffed back and then he shrugged, “Just checking if you got hurt.”

“No I’m okay…” I got up, taking a step behind then he smiled, stuffing his hands into his pockets, “Well then let’s go.”

“No, its okay…I’ll go one my own,” I protested lightly but he smirked yet again, “Who said we’re goin home. Come on now,” he took my hand and dragged me out. I absentmindedly followed and then asked on our way outside, “But…where are we going?”

“To take revenge,” he said as we sat in his car.

We arrived at the movie theater, and I saw Will with that older lady, linking hands and giggling. He whispered something into his ear, when suddenly Abel left my side and approached them. The lady immediately recognized him in a glance, “Oh My God! You’re Abel Nightroad!”

With that the crowd around us began stirring and whispering and Abel smiled at the lady, “Why…such a beautiful lady with…this,” he pointed at Will, who looked irritated by Abel’s presence. I hoped no blood was to be spilled that night.

“What do you mean?” Will sneered at Abel and then the lady glared at Will, “Who do you think you’re talking to with that attitude. This is Abel Nightroad, one of the richest people in the world.”
Will was taken aback but then he noticed my presence and scoffed with his head held high, “Fine, whatever! I’m going back to my girl…”

He began walking towards me. My heard nearly collapsed as he approached me. Every second was passing like an hour, as the crowd watched intently and Will was only five or six steps away when an arm wrapped around my shoulder and I jerked my head to the side, “Do you know this man, Sakura?”

It was Abel, holding onto my shoulder protectively. In a flash of second, it felt like déjà vu, only this time the roles were switched. My face hardened and I scoffed, “Nope…Although it seems I might have seen her somewhere…”

Will looked at me offended and took a step forward. But Abel let go of me and grabbed Will by his collar, “Next time you make my girl cry, I’ll make sure that no one can even recognize your face,” he whispered vexingly and then let go of his collar.
Will fixed his shirt and muttered, “Fine, its not like I care…” he walked off and then Abel looked at me and smiled, “Hmm…how was that?”

“Pretty cool, I must say,” I smiled back at him. In just two hours, my heart hard been shattered and almost healed as well. I had lost someone I cared and I realized one more thing…May had good people protecting her.

I didn’t hear from Abel or anyone from F4 until the fifth of December, that was when my mid terms results came out. I was walking out of the school happily when a car stopped in my way, and the door opened to reveal the tall rich flower boy, Erick.
“Yo,” he smirked and I nodded, “Hello.”

“Although it seems a bit sudden, but Mason is hell bent on this plan and it’s impossible to do it without you,” Erick said and then I sighed, “So you want me to lure my best friend to your car where you kidnap us, and take us to your private jet…but where will you take us?”

“That’s a secret,” Abel smirked at me and I rolled my eyes. Of course, they were helpful people and had been extremely generous to both May and me but still this was slightly strange. May and Mason were in yet another turmoil. This time it was all because of Mason’s rich b**** ass mother who had May’s father laid off and also messed up the bakery shop where we worked. But fortunately Ken helped out with May’s parents and Abel helped out the bakery by giving us a large order.

“I am thankful for all the things you’ve done for May..and manager and me, but I hope everything will be alright…” I answered uneasily.

“Please Sakura! Help me!” Mason held my hands tightly and almost cried in front of the whole café. I pulled my hands back, shocked and then sighed, “Fine. You owe me big time…”

I walked out of the café and then I was approached by Abel, “Sakura!”

“Hmm?” I turned around to seem him sitting on a Harley Davidson, with his helmet on his lap, “I just wanna thank you for your help.”
“Its okay…as long as you people don’t hurt my friend…or issue that stupid red card on her,” I said that and walked away.

The game was on.

The next day, I persuaded May to go shopping with me and insisted on taking a shortcut to the store. As we walked we discussed about school, and obviously F4, “I wanted to ask…you…”
“What?” she asked as we walked.

“Now that your ‘marble eyed prince’ is back…will you be okay with Mason and Ken and you together…in the same school?” I asked cautiously and May sighed, “I don’t know. On one side Ken was my first love and on the other…I think I may have slight feelings for Mason too..if only he wasn’t such a short tempered jerk.”

We both sighed and suddenly a black car pulled in front of us, two men in black suits walked out and grabbed us, sedated folded us, and after that…I woke up in a plane.

“I am going to kill you Mason!” I saw May running behind Mason, like a crazy girl, with her hands reaching out to his neck while he ran with full might jumping over the couch and then the railing…wait…couch? Railing? What the heck?

“This is our personal F4 plane…” Erick sat across me and then I rubbed my eyes, “Sorry, I guess the injections got switched and we gave you a larger dose…”

“Injection?” I gawked at him and then he shrugged, “If we sedated only May, she would have known you were a part of the plan.”

I nodded and then looked out of the window only to notice sea below us. The captain announced about landing and I forced May to sit down and wear her belt, “Calm down…now what’s done is done.”

“Humph!” she crossed her arms across her chest and then I went back to looking out of the window, ‘I wonder…how long was I out..?’

We noticed a tiny island surrounded by blue water and I could see rather less settlement around. As we got closer and closer, the island looked a lot bigger and much more beautiful.

“Where are we?” I asked as I dragged my bag behind me, and May shook her head, “I don’t know…by the way…how do you have a bag?”

“You have one too…” I shrugged and then she gaped at me, “You…you’re with them!” she pointed at me accusingly and then Abel came to our side, followed by Erick, “Now now…she only did this to help us~”
May made a face but I gave her my puppy dog eyes look, “Don’t be mad…”

“You think I can stay mad at you for long?” she eyed me and I laughed, “I knew it!”

“This is our personal island…” Erick announced as we reached the hotel and then he handed me a key, and gave May another key, “Here are your room keys…have fun ladies.”

“Different rooms?” I muttered to myself and led myself and my luggage to my room. It was too big for a single person, but it surely had a single bed.
“Rich bastards…what next to they have in store?” I whispered to myself and threw my tired body on the bed, before sleeping off yet again.

My stay at this island for the weekend seemed a bit too long..every hour was passing like a day but I was having fun. We were basking in the sun, where I saw Abel across me, applying sunscreen on some girl’s back. I applied sunscreen on my hands and legs, but since I couldn’t go down my shoulder and then closed my eyes.

Sure, he can apply sunscreen on those other girls’ shoulders and touch their bodies. It’s not like I care. Even if he helped me take revenge on Will…I don’t think I gained any feelings for him. But then again…why does my chest feel tight?

I sighed and then adjusted myself on the chair when I felt an arm on my shoulder. I snapped up and saw Erick sitting there. For one slight second I felt bad , maybe because I expected it to be someone else, but then those feelings went aside.

“Something you need?” I asked getting up and he smiled, “We’re going towards the beach, wanna join us?”

“No, I’m fine…I’m not that much of a swimmer…” I declined and he shrugged and walked off. Now I was all alone, superb.

I spent a few hours basking in the sun and then got up, when I realized everyone was gone. I wondered where May went. Maybe she was with Mason. It was fun watching the two bicker. Mason loved may with his life, we all knew that, but he also had his ‘rich’ man pride which was very annoying.

Out of all the F4….I think only Mason had that kind of pride.

I laughed to myself, knowing that it was what made him unique.

I grabbed my dress and quickly pulled it on. After that I decided to take a shower in my room. After my shower and change of clothes, I called May, “Hey, where are you guys?”

“I’m in my room…too lazy to go out anymore. What about you?”

“I was actually thinking of going on a bit sightseeing…wanna join me?” I asked hoping she’d say yes.

But unfortunately, “Sorry Sakura…I’m dead tired. Why don’t you ask someone else to take you?”

“Hmm..fine. Bye,” I hung up and then sighed, before grabbing my bag. I really need fresh air…even if its humid and salty.

I walked down the market street, enjoying the locals selling their stuff. Many sold sea shells, some were selling grunge or heritage jewellery. I smiled and then a particular thing caught my eye. It was a beautiful bracelet. I went closer and asked for the cost. The owner quickly replied with a high price and started stating it’s qualities and stuff, “It’s the only piece on this planet. It was handcrafted by my daughter a few days ago. It’s pure silver as well. And it would look very pretty on you as well, miss.”

“I would love to buy it…but that’s very costly…” I sighed with my head hung low and walked away, “Why is everything here so costly…?” I muttered to myself and left the market area.

After that I went back to the lodge. Not much of a joy ride there, I see.

We all had dinner together, but my mind was set on that bracelet. I had never seen such a beautiful piece. I ate with a heavy heart, almost left the dinner as it was, then walked back to my room.

The weekend came to and end and on Sunday morning we were all going home. Throughout this vacation I thought about that silver bracelet, and sulked around my room for hours.

When we reached back home, I started preparing myself for school and tried to forget about the bracelet.

After that trip, whenever I saw Abel, either he was there to help with May and Mason, or he was there with some ladies, and I’d see him by coincidence. My encounters with Abel increased and I began to grow fonder of him. I wanted to have more time to talk to him and I wanted to have lots of things to discuss with him. And that’s when I joined the pottery class near my house.

I joined pottery school, and my teacher was Sarah, a local from our place. She was a beautiful fair lady, with light brown hair, unlike my black hair. Her eyes were hazel and she was the definition of pretty in every sense.

As days went by, my skills in pottery began increasing more and more, all thanks to Sarah. Sarah was very friendly with me and she helped me out in just more than pottery. She became a sister to me in no time.

And then came the day of judgment for me…It was Valentine’s day.

I had to do something for Abel. I had to confess. Well maybe he already knew about my feelings..but I wanted to make it official with him. Just confess, no matter what he replied. And with that confession I wanted to give him chocolates…only I didn’t know how to make any.

Sarah decided to teach me, but as I was learning from her, I got a call from May who told me that Erick and Abel might visit me at my pottery school. I waited as I learn't chocolates.

“And then all done!” Sarah smiled and we hard the door to the school open. Sarah took a peak out, while I placed the cooled chocolates in the box and then noticed Sarah gone, with a note on the table, “Need to go home early. Sorry.”

I wondered why she left right after she spotted Abel and Erick…

And then a little fear in me developed after the reaction I got from Abel when I he saw mine and Sarah’s picture on the classroom’s wall. I just introduced her to him and explained how much she has helped me and all but then Abel just walked away.
The next day, on Valentines, I didn’t have any courage to go and give him the chocolates. Instead I called Erick and met him at a café.

“What’s the relationship between Abel and Sarah Fernandez?” I asked hesitantly, maybe already knowing the answer. Erick sighed and replied, “Sarah used to be his first love. But Sarah loved Abel’s elder brother, who left the Nightroad family long time ago. Then a year ago, Sarah vanished from Abel’s life, after calling him out on Valentines, but Abel never went fearing she’d dump him.”

“No…”I sunk into my chair, tears building up in my eyes, “What have I done..”

I got up and left, going straight to the pottery school, where I inquired of Sarah, but the other teachers said that she left school last night, resigning from her job. I was walking back home, sighing to myself…almost in tears as well, when a bike stopped next to me. I looked to my right and saw Abel looking at me intently, "Yo."

“So how long have you known Sarah?”

“For almost three months now,” I relied and then he asked me where she was now. At once I thought of lying…saying she left the country, but that would be evil on my part. So I answered honestly, “She left her job yesterday…right after she saw you and Erick. Also, she’s with her family…maybe in the mountains…I’m not sure though.”

There was a long silence between us when I decided to ask him personally, “I don’t wanna pry..but what’s your relationship with Sarah?”

“I..used to love her. But she loved my brother…”

After that day, I didn’t see Abel for one whole week. I moped around the city, from school to home and back to school. But obviously I didn’t see anyone of my friends. I didn’t feel like seeing anyone. Not my pottery class friends…neither May or anyone from F4 because they only reminded me of Abel and Sarah…and it pained me to even see that.

I needed to distract myself from everything. So I dedicated myself to studies. Soon, my high school exams got over and I even applied for a good collage…it had been almost two months since I last saw Abel or any of the F4..even if they would spot me somewhere, I’d try and act as if I didn’t see them. It was funny how May started the trouble with F4 as I got to experience an emotional roller coaster as well.

Then one day…I got a call.

“I’ll be…right there..” I whispered and kept my phone down. My mother gave me a worried look and I got up from the table, “I’m gonna be spending the night at the hospital…a friend is injured.”

“Okay…” my mother nodded and then I walked to my room, picked up my bag and walked out. As soon as I was out of my house, I broke into a frantic run.
May had called me to inform that Abel got into a bike accident, and was in surgery.

I was crying as I reached the hospital, but then I wiped my face and walked to the third floor, where he was still in surgery, “What happened?”

“They doctor said he’s serious…and lost a lot of blood…” May answered worried and then the doctor came out, still in his surgery attire, “We need blood for Abel, but his blood type is’s AB-”

I was in a slight daze but then May spoke up, “Sakura is AB-!”

“Huh…yes! Oh yes! I’m AB-!” I volunteered to give blood.

I was taken into the surgery room, and a needle was stuck in my arm that led directly to Abel’s hand, “We’re going to directly transfuse the blood, since we have less time.”

I nodded and turned my head to the side, where I saw Abel lying on the operating table. His face was pale, covered in scares and bruises…head bandaged as well. A pipe was stuck in his mouth to regulate breathing. I closed my eyes, as I felt blood being drained out of me slowly.

After almost an hour, I was led out of the surgery hall, and May told me to sit down. Ken gave me a bottle of juice and I thanked him, “The pleasure is all ours.”

“Sakura…today you saved Abel…you did something that no one could do…” Erick also thanked me but I shrugged it off, “That’s the least I can do, right?”
No one responded but everyone just sighed. There was a sudden uproar in the hospital when we heard a lady almost screaming, “Where is my son? Where is Abel?”
“Mrs. Nightroad…” one of the guys said. I looked to my left and saw a lady rushing towards us, followed by many men as well. She was dressed in a black dress, with a coat on top. She looked in her fair fifties.

“He’s in surgery…he’ll be fine,” Erick said and then Mason pointed at me, “it’s all thanks to her. If she wasn’t here, he would have died due to blood loss…”
I looked down, slightly embarrassed but then Mrs. Nightorad held my hands, tears swelling up in her eyes, “I am so thankful to you, my dear…My son…he would’ve died….Thank you so much!” she pulled me into a hug and I reassured her, “It’s okay ma’am…he’s going to be fine.”

After another hour of waiting, the doctors came out and told us that Abel was alright now. He was out of danger, and until he is fully healed he’ll have to stay in the hospital. Mrs. Nightorad left to do a little paperwork. One by one, everyone went in to see him.

When everyone was done, they all started leaving when Ken said that he’d stay here for the night with Abel. I was still sitting there, when may asked me, “Aren’t you going?”

“I’ll go after a while…I’m a bit dizzy…”
“You sure?”

“I’ll drop her home, don’t worry,” Ken told May and she nodded and left. After May left, Ken took a seat next to me and sighed, “Don’t you wanna see him?”
“I…I saw him surgery…he looked horrible. I don’t think I can..see him that injured again,” I spoke with a chocking voice and he patted my shoulder, “He looks better now.”

“Would you like to stay here for the night?” Ken asked after a long silence. At first I wanted to decline, saying no, and then leave. But then I my heart protested. It told me to stay…and be by his side as he healed.

I nodded and then Ken smiled to himself, “Fine, then I’ll leave you here…”

A while later I was allowed to enter Abel’s room. I saw him sleeping on his bed, his hands and legs and head…all bandged. There was a gauze on his cheek as well. Oh God, that moment I really wondered how much pain he must have felt in that accident.

I sat next to his body, connected to multiple machines that were monitoring his condition, and then I held his hand, breaking into soft sobs, “How could you drive so carelessly…you idiot.”

I woke up the next morning, to find Abel’s hand intertwined with mine. I looked up a bit saw him staring at my sleepy face, with his doe like eyes, “Good morning…” he whispered in his gorgy tone.

I sat straight and was about to let got of his hand when he gripped on it tighter, “Don’t…it feels good.”
“When did you wake up?” I asked looking at his wounds once more. His face looked less pale…it was as if his pain had drowned a little more.

“A while ago…when I found an angel sleeping next to me,” he smiled at me. I rolled my eyes at his flirty self and then helped him sit straight, “So…what happened?” I asked in a grave tone and he shrugged, “I guess…I was drunk driving…”

“Drunk…? Drunk!? How could you be this careless!” I almost exclaimed and then let go of his hand, “Seriously!”

“I heard from the nurse that you gave me two bottles of blood,” he smirked at me, changing the subject, “Don’t change the topic! How could you break a law like this?”

“Do you like me that much?” he suddenly asked…or more like blurted.

I stopped midway of my rant and looked at him wide eyed, “H-Huh?”

“What if you became weak…or maybe sick…How could you agree to give two bottles of blood like that? Am I that sexy?” he laughed at himself.

I couldn’t believe he was being such a jerk…

I got up and checked my watch, when the door opened and the F4 guys walked in with flowers and stuff, “He’s awake! Our hero!”

‘Hero…?’ I mentally scoffed.

As his friends surrounded him, I got up and left the room. God, his words always want to make me slap him, but since he’s injured, I won’t do anything.
After that I decided to rarely visit him. If I would’ve visited him every day, he’d only make snarky comments about me being crazy about him. But as much as I wanted to deny it…it was true. I was madly in love with him. For the past year I only thought about him, or did something only for him.
One fine day, in early April, my collage friends decided to go to the club. I wasn't sure which club it was, but it was meant for rich high class people, and then my doubt was confirmed when I saw Abel there, surrounded by three or maybe four sluttish females, fawning over him like he was the only lion of the pack.

I was sitting at the bar, talking to my friends, and I did my best to ignore him. My friends decided to head to the floor, while I decided to leave early. As I walked into the lobby of the club, I was cornered by two men, “Hey pretty lady…”

“Excuse me, I need to go,” I stated firmly and told them to leave my way, but they took a step further, “Now now…what’s the rush? Have a little fun with us too,” one of them said. They both reeked of alcohol and cigarettes…something I despised a lot. It was one of the reasons why I decided to leave the club early.

Suddenly the taller idiot caught my hand but I resisted his sweaty touch, “Let go!”

I shook his hand with force, which made him stumble back. The other one got mad and raised his hand to slap me. I pulled my hand over my face in fear but then nothing came, expect for a serious husky voice, “Didn’t the lady say…to let her go.”

I looked up, hearing the familiar tone and saw Abel holding onto the jerk’s hand while the other one was unconscious on the floor, “Ab-Abel..Nightroad…” the an stuttered in fear.

Abel let go of his hand and he scurried away, leaving his unconscious partner behind.

“You okay?” Abel looked at me with concern. I rubbed my wrist, which was red in pain. Abel was about to touch my shoulder, but I dodged his touch, “I’m..fine.”

“Hey…what’s with the--” he was cut midway by his bunch of sluts, who circled around him, almost falling over him, “Abel! Let’s go to the other club…this place is boring!”

I rolled my eyes in disgust then began walking away, “W-Wait! Sakura!”

I ignored his calls and walked away, hailed a cab and went home. That night, I swore on my life, I’d never fall in love with playboys like him.

Then on the day of May and Mason’s wedding, I got an offer from my college.

“Exchange programme?” I asked my teacher and he nodded, “At first it’s for a month, in London. But if they like your performance, then they’ll let you study for the whole year. And I think you’ll be great for this programme.”

“Are you sure, professor?” I confirmed again and he nodded, “Yes, I’m positive.”

“Okay, thank you so much!” I left college happily that day.

“Abroad!?” May exclaimed loudly, but I told her to shush it.

“Yes, I’m going to England. Far away from the state of Virginia,” I stated lightly but May only made an issure out of it, “Are you serious?! And that too for a year!? And you’re telling me now!”

“I’m sorry…I have to go tomorrow evening…and you can’t tell anyone, especially Abel,” I said in a firm apprehensive tone and she nodded, “Can I tell Mason…at least? You know I don’t hide anything from Mason.”

“Fine, since he can keep secrets…” I took a sip of my iced tea and then May muttered, “Will you be okay…without me…or Abel?”

“I’ll be fine. And what does Abel have to do with this. Actually to get over him, this is exactly what I need. A year of hard education,” I said with a smile, while inside I was practically dying.

Yes, it would be utterly painful to leave home…where there were my parents, my younger sister, May, my other friends…and Abel. But then again what good was I if I didn’t explore my expertise. I could never live in a single next for life. I had to fly out, migrate, and explore new fields.

The next evening May and Mason came to see me off at the airport. I hugged them both and said my goodbyes. Mason was a bit grumpy when he said, “We should have told the others, but I again said no, “No…if everyone would have come, it would be hard to go, you know…”

“Yes, we understand, right Mason?” May glared at her husband and he nodded sheepishly, “Yeah…”

Everything in London was awesome. I loved the people here, and how interactive they were. Also my professors were excellent. The wide variety of courses and activities here really amazed me. A month went by in a bliss and then one fine Saturday night, I got a drunken phone call.

“You! How dare you!?” Abel’s drunk voice blasted into the speaker, as I spat out my tea, “Abel!?”

“Yes, it’s me! The greatest play boy of the freaking century!” he screamed and I held the phone away from my ear, until he slowed down on his drunken screaming rants about me being a total b**** and him being a jerk.

“But…” I heard a soft sob, “How could you leave me like that…first you make me believe in this sick feeling called love…then you vanish…why…?”

“I…” I was speechless. He was crying...on the phone.

“You’re no different from Sarah…she leaves me saying she’s getting married and you vanish saying you have to study abroad...for a freaking year!” there was a glass shattering voice and the I cringed, “Abel..calm down...”

“Fine! I was a big asshole! A jerk, to be precise! I ignored my feelings for you! But now that you’re gone…there is this strange void in my life. That night, at the club…I wanted to talk to you about Sarah…I wanted to pore my heart out to you, and how confused I was feeling, because you…apart from Erick, only you understand me. You have always been there for me…” he was crying over the phone.
“Abel…” I whispered, almost crying, “I’m sorry…”

“Why are you sorry? I should be sorry…” I heard him sobbing on the other side like a little kid calling his long lost mother, “I should apologize for ignoring you…for…taking you for granted.”

“No…it’s okay,” I replied.

“Sakura…please come back to me. Please…come back,” there was a long silence between us and then I heard the phone falling on the ground, but then picked up by someone else, “Hey Sakura,” it was sweet melodious voice of Ken, “Hey...Ken…”

“Sorry, lover boy just passed out, how are you?”

I had a nice chat with Ken, who told me that Abel was miserable without me. It was funny, how when I was there, I yearned to see him every day, but he ignored me. And now, he was yearning for me.

Somewhere deep down, I was laughing viciously, happy that he was paying for his behavior, but at the same time, I was feeling bad.
Bad, because I missed him too.

On March 2012, I returned home, after spending a year as an exchange student. Yes, I got the opportunity to study, and my parents insisted that I did, even if I missed home a lot. So I did. I endured my pain and studied there. Abel never called after that. He didn’t dare to.

But his one drunken phone call was enough to tell me that he was madly in love with me.

I grabbed my bags at the arrival section then proceeded to the gate. My arrival was a surprise to all, except May. I told her to pick me up from the airport. But when I did get out, I could neither spot her, nor her car anywhere. Instead I saw a tall familiar male, with big doe eyes, and brown spiked hair, glaring at me. At first I thought it was too good to be true, but then he walked to me, and snatched my bag, “Let’s go.”

“B-But where’s May?”

“At home. Don’t you think it’s a bit careless to call a pregnant lady to come and pick you up,” Abel snapped at me and I cringed, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know riding a limo for ten minutes was painful.”

He handed my bag to one of his chauffeurs and then handed me a helmet, “Aren’t we riding a car?” I asked examining the helmet and then suddenly, he mounted his Harley Davidson, and then wore his helmet, “What are you looking at?”

“Y-You…never let anyone…I mean anyone, ride on your bike…not even Erick!” I suddenly exclaimed and then he pulled my wrist and whispered to me, “You’re not just anyone, now are you?”

For the first time, in the while I had known him, he took me on a ride. But instead of taking me home, he drove me to the mountains, where his cottage was, “Why are we…here?”

“I want to spends some time with you before you go lose yourself with you family and friends,” Abel took me into the cottage. It felt homely. It wasn’t a very bog, kind size mansion. It was more of a nice cottage for two people to spend some time together. It had that loving homely feeling.
I walked inside and sighed, “You know May will get worried…” I said and he smirked, “It was her plan.”

“This is…umm…where I like working when I am too stressed,” Abel was showing me around the cottage, when he decided to show me the last room, his workshop, “I spent a lot of time here…this year.”

“It’s beautiful…” I smiled to myself like an idiot as I acknowledged his beautiful works of art. I walked around his workshop when a particular thing caught my eye. It was a clay tablet which was designed as a puzzle, with the two center pieces missing, “Why is it incomplete?” I asked as I sat on the chair, that was with the table on which the tablet was kept.

Abel walked to my right, and then adjusted two clay pieces into it, completing the puzzle, “There, now it’s not.”

I looked at the complete puzzle and almost cried. The last two center pieces read ‘Abel loves Sakura’.
“Its not a fancy thing…nothing big with lots of glitters of lights…or expensive jewels..its what my heart feels…plain and simple. Nothing too fancy…or shiny…” he trailed off as I got up and turned to face him, with tears brimming in my eyes, “Thank you…”

“Sakura…why are you…crying…” he whispered as a tear slid down my cheek, “Thank you for telling me…that you feel the same way!”

“But I do..and you knew that!” he exclaimed, referring to the drunken call. I didn’t reply to that, but only hugged him tightly, “Thank you so much!”

He wrapped his hands around me, and smiled, “No…thank you.”

And today, exactly two years later, it’s an early autumn day, the same date when I first met Abel Nightroad.

“Is the bride ready?” May stuck her head into my room and I sighed, standing from my chair, “Yup…all set.”

“Well you’re dad’s waiting outside…it’s time,” I look at myself for the final time in the mirror and then pull the veil over my face. I walked out and took my dad’s arm. The music began playing and we walked down the aisle. Taking slow steps I looked to my left, and right, seeing all my relatives, and family members standing. Then I looked ahead, where May stood on my side and opposite to was him.
Abel Nightroad.

My husband to be.

In just months of time, after my return, Abel and I grew fonder of each other…spending days with each other. He would go on business trips, but would always call. We’d talk for hours. Sometimes, I’d randomly find him sitting on his Harley Davidson, outside my window. We even spent a lot of time making pottery at his mountain cottage.
The time we spent together…and apart only made our bond stronger.

We exchanged vows, said our I do’s. and finally he pulled me into a chaste kiss as the crowd broke into claps and cheers.

And now, he was Abel Nightroad, my husband.

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