Afterthoughts of Hello

December 2, 2012
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Are you talking to me? I wasn't sure... Sometimes I think people are talking to me but they actually aren't. And then I end up looking stupid. I'm not though. Other people are just confusing sometimes. Like you. Oh! Don't take it the wrong way! I didn't mean it negatively. I guess what I really meant to say was that I get confused by you. When I see you, my thoughts and emotions get all fuzzy and distorted. I get carried away...thinking about you sometimes. So you must understand my excitement when you speak to me. Well-no, I suppose you wouldn't. You probably don't get butterflies like I do. And when you smile, my heart melts like crayons do in the sun- a giant puddle of mixed colors and feelings on the cement. Did you know that? I've never told you, but sometimes I feel so transparent around you. It's like you could merely glance at me and know how I am feeling. I fell for you the very first day. You probably don't even remember the first day, though. There's a song called "Enchanted" by Taylor Swift that I played over and over again that night. But I don't think your the type to listen to her. If I could, I would write songs about you and you would be flattered by my talent and boldness. But as of now I can barely form a grammatically correct sentence around you. You probably don't think I'm very studious but it's quite the contrary! I love English. Reading and writing are favorite pastimes of mine. And I'm very fond of large words. I would use them more often around you if you didn't mesmerize me so. If I could, I would write a novel about you and me. In it, you would think I was beautiful and charming and absolutely incredible-all the things I'm dying for you to see me as...You would be the hero! And I would be your heroine and we would conquer the world. But for now, I'll just write down my thoughts and hide them away.
Your the kind of guy I would marry. I would marry you this instant if you asked. But you won't, of course. It will just be a little day dream of mine. It would probably make you laugh if you heard about it. And I suppose that wouldn't be too bad, because I love your laugh. It makes to want to be hilarious so that I could hear you laugh all the time. But I'm just me. Could you love someone like me? Someone who reads enormous books and thinks this many thoughts in such rapid succession after you merely greet me? Because if we were together, (in relation and not vicinity like we are now)I might find myself in a constant state of bewilderment and ecstasy.
I take a deep breath,
"Hi,how are you?"

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Kuninkiat said...
Dec. 5, 2012 at 8:19 am
Woah...well done, my friend. Very well done indeed! I love your analogies and your wording. The flow of this is fantastic. Love it! ^.^
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