Cafe Crush

November 30, 2012
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A million thoughts ran through her head as she waited for her chocolate frappe. It had been a month since Mariah had moved from her city life in Manhattan to the heart of Philadelphia. Philly had a downtown, but nothing like the lights and action of NYC. The strong smell of coffee filled her nostrils as she waited for her order.She wasn't sure if she made the right move.

The chime from the door caused her to turn towards the front of the café. Mariah couldn’t help but stare at the incoming customer. She couldn’t help it. Strong cheekbones, short jet black hair, caramel colored eyes. It was all familiar. The man walked over to where she was standing. His face had a look of recognition as he approached her.

“Mariah?” he asked. His voice was deep and alluring, causing butterflies to flutter within her.

“Do I know you?” she asked, as her voice quivered.

By his smirk she could tell he knew her.

“Jace, from high school,” he said smiling.

Mariah couldn't believe her eyes. The boy she had been crushing on for her four high school years was standing in front of her.

“Listen, why don’t we get a table?” he said.

She nodded, and grabbed her frappe from the counter.

She followed him to one of the rounded tables. As she walked, she couldn’t help but smile. She took a sip from the warm cup and thought to herself, it was definitely worth the move.

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