I love you, Death (The beginning you never imagined)

November 28, 2012
I kissed him on is cheek bone, letting my tong linger for a miner second."I missed you today." I smiled and leaned against his chest ,breathing in his delicious sent

"I missed you more!" I whispered into his chest.

"I don't think that's possible, my darling." I loved his old accent, it told me more of who he was. He picked me up, and held me close to his chest, I giggled as he carried me to my bed, and flipped on the TV. He turned to the DVD station, and pushed the play button.

"I love you, Daniel." I whispered in his ear, and rubbed his chest lightly.

"I love you so much more." He said, and stopped my hand right over his heart. He was a blessing when I looked into his eye's, that were so much more than just a normal every day green. I snuggled against him, and watched, as the movie began, relationships began again, and finally surprises erupted right under the seems. At the end my eye's started to slowly close, and my mind began to wander to a place other than my small apartment. "Cassandra, are you awake? Sweat heart," He whispered, and I moaned moving closer to him.

Daniel pushed me into his arm's, and quickly pushed the sheets back on my bed, I held on titer to him, and pulled him into bed with me. "Stay with me, Daniel." I whispered, and heard him sigh slowly.

"Okay my darling, but only for tonight." His whisper was faint, as he pulled the thick comforter over us, and switched the light on my nightstand off. "Goodnight, my Cassandra." He said, and I disappeared into the deepest corner of my mind.

Ghost, deadly, people from the past, Ghost's, the one thing that had been haunting my nightmares since I was just a little girl. I never thought I would dream of such a thing, but in my life normal was just the opposite. I saw my mother, grandfather, and my grandmother, they had been gone for so long, but there were so many details that were impossible to remember I was astounded. I felt them closing in on me, making my breathing rapid, thick, hard, impossible to control.

I felt the sweat roll down my face, and across my chest making my shiver with chills. What felt like second's, was hours in the real world. Seconds after I noticed this, I sat up in my bed, and covered my ears, trying to block out the screaming of my neighbors. I looked for Daniel, who was know were to be seen, "Daniel," I yelled, I thought he stayed last night. I started to get up when I felt a small piece of paper under my hand. The letter was nothing more than a short paragraph.I quickly pushed my hair back into pony-tail.
The letter said:
Dear Cassandra- I'm sorry I had to leave so early, The firm called, and said that a client was leaving, and since I started it all I had to try to fix it. I'm really sorry, I promise, I'll make it up to you though. I love you- Daniel

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Yourboggert1 said...
Jul. 8, 2013 at 1:14 pm
i agree with "the narrator" the spelling could use some work, but you are a wonderful writer and i was said when the story came to an end. :) keep it up i would love to read more from you. 
Lolli-pop replied...
May 6, 2014 at 8:01 pm
hey it's me kindlegirl, i lost my last account, sorry for the inconveniece 
The-Narrator said...
Dec. 2, 2012 at 10:12 pm
I really love the descripttion in your story. Although, the only problem is you need to work on your spelling.  Spell check would only fix a few of these mistakes only because some of them are spelled right but the wrong word   (E.g  know-now)   But honestly, that was quite an amazing story and I enjoyed reading it.   Thank you, THe Narrator
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