A New Day At School

October 28, 2012
By Al-Ghalia Al-Shehab BRONZE, Kuwait City, Other
Al-Ghalia Al-Shehab BRONZE, Kuwait City, Other
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It's a new day, a new school year and even a new school which Sara had to move to. She was anxious about it at the beginning but later on, she started to be excited about the whole thing. At the beginning she was worried that she won't be able to make friends. But later on, she started encouraging herself to get rid of her fears. The moment her dad dropped her off to school, she started worrying about it.

Sara: Dad, do you think I'll be able to mingle with all these teenagers?
Dad: Well, you are one of them yourself, so I suppose a pretty young lady like you will easily be able to fit in!!
Sara: Come on dad, I'm serious!
Dad: I'm serious too. Just try to get rid of your fears and open your heart to the world. Sara: Ok. Bye Dad. Wish me luck.
Dad: Good luck dear Sara. Always remember no matter what happens I'll always love you.
Sara walks with small steps, as if she doesn't want to face the situation. Suddenly, she pumps into a girl who seemed to be busy or in a hurry.

Sara: Oh! I'm sorry.
Malak: Actually I'm the one who should apologize. I was literally flying rather than walking.
Sara: It's ok. I was out of my concentration. It is my first school day and I'm worried about how things will go on.
Malak: Well, I'm Malak and you are?
Sara: I'm Sara.
Malak: Nice to meet you. You seem to be a nice girl so I'd like to be your friend and aid to support you in the teenager world of us. I'm telling you, this is a harsh place. It's not easy to mingle or be popular. On the other , hand it is very easy to be bullied and made fun of. With me, you will be safe. I have my ways you know.
Sara: Your ways? What do you mean?
Malak: I have my relations with the popular people like Asma who thinks that she is the World's beauty queen and Ali who is the most popular guy at school. Actually Asma is fond of him but he really does not seem to feel the same towards her.
Sara: God help me. I think I'm dead meat.
Malak: Don't worry it is not really as bad as it sounds.
Sara: At least I have you on my side.
Malak: There is something important too.
Sara: What?
Malak: YOU ARE PRETTTTTTY. And that is one good thing in teenager's world.
Sara: I don’t really see myself that pretty.
Malak: Believe me you are. Now let's go to Mr. Peter's Class. It's about to start.
Sara: Let's go. And by the way, thanks for everything.

Sara and Malak start heading to class. On their way Sara was sort of being checked out by the boys and girls to meet her on the way as if they were asking who is that new face. We've never seen you before. Asma did not like her the moment she saw her. Of course, it is obviously because Sara was pretty and had an angel's face so she was considered a threat for her. On the other hand, Ali liked her a lot there was something special about her that he did not know how to explain.

Ali: Hi Malak
Malak: Hello Ali
Ali: Won't you introduce me to your friend here?
Malak: This is Sara, she is a new student in our class.
Ali: Hello Sara, I'm Ali. Welcome to our school and to our class. We are lucky to have you.
Sara: Thank you.
Ali: Didn't anyone tell you before that you have an angelic face?
Malak : I told you Sara didn't I?
Sara: You guys are exaggerating. But thank you anyway
Asma: Hey Ali and Malak and who are you? (talking to Sara)
Sara: I'm Sara
Asma: Hi, you are new?
Sara: Yes, I come from a public school. My parents thought I should come to your school because I have a GPA of 4.3
Asma: Whaaaaat ? Public school? No wonder you seem so local
Malak: Asma stop it
Ali: Don't start Asma. It will not do you any good.
Asma: What does that have to do with you? I'm talking to the local girl here. You deserve so much better Ali. Let's go dear away from the local girl and her friend. You don't want to lose your reputation for her. Walk with me, the crowned queen of the prom to be.

Ali walks away with Asma looking back at Sara at a moment or two as if he wants to apologize for her. Everyone starts laughing at Sara. She felt sad. She was on the verge of crying but she did not allow herself to seem so weak. At that night, Sara could not stop thinking of Asma's words. May by she is really a local girl and does not deserve to be among the high class students. At this moment, she heard whispers outside her room's window.

Ali (whispering): Sara, Sara
Sara: Who's that?
Ali: It's me Ali
Sara: What are you doing here? How did you know where I lived?
Ali: I followed you home this afternoon
Sara: And what do you exactly want?
Ali: I wanted to apologize to you for what happened in school
Sara: IT is ok. You didn't seem to be so brave out there in school. Are you Asma's boyfriend?
Ali: Noooooooo not at all. I just didn't want things to get worse.
Sara: I don’t need your apology Ali. After all, it's not really your fault.
Ali: I really came to apologize and to ask you to be my mate in the prome.
Sara: What? You hardly know me.
Ali: Yes, you're right but I like what I see.
Sara: I have to think about it Ali, I don't want Asma to be jealous or angry.
Ali: Don't mind her. I'll stand up for you in her face.

Ali whished Sara good night and left. I guess it was love from the first sight. He loved her big deal and she thought that she had something for him. The next day at school, Asma wanted to revenge from Sara who didn't steel only her popularity and her friends, but also she stole the love of her life. At the dining room, Asma waited for Sara to enter the dining room. The surprise was that she was entering the room holding Ali's hands. That drove Asma crazy. She wants to get even with her.
Asma: Hi Ali. I see that you are getting along with low class, local girls. What is on you mind boy?
Ali: None of your business Asma? Jealousy is eating you up isn't it?
Asma: Jealousy? Me? Of who? Her? The queen of local?
Sara: Shut up I don't allow you?
Asma: Allow me not! As If I really care! You are so weak that I am going to squash you with my bare hands?
Ali: Stop it Asma. It will not do you any good. And by the way I've asked Sara to the prom.
ASma: Whaaaaaat Are you serious?

At that moment Asmaa was so nervous. She even fainted. Sara didn't want Asma to hurt although she did hurt her before and more than once.

Sara: Asma please don't be angry at me. I don't want to hurt you. Revenge is a double side tool. It will hurt others, but you will be hurt too.

Everybody claps for Sara, for her kindness and her wisdom. Sara succeeded to mingle with her friends and fit in their society. She did not want to hurt anyone. She just wanted to fit in. Her kindness, wisdom and cleverness made her popular and she gained the love of her friends and her teachers too.

A Day at School

English Class
Mrs. Kristin

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