For the First Time

October 25, 2012

My heart skipped a beat as he took a step away from my soaking body. I couldn't help but look up to thee sky and bite my lip as thee cold rain slowly feel onto my face and neck. I couldn't see any stars or galaxies, but, yet thee sky seemed to be sparkling. A soft hand grabbed my fingers an spun me in circles. I felt like I was flying! Once again he stopped me in his strong, amazing arms and stared deeply into my eyes. Was theis it, was I really going to get my first kiss?

Butterflies swarmed around in my stomach and my knees started getting weak. Shaking inside my skin I couldn't help but theink, "Don't mess theis up, you only get one try." Our faces moved slowly togetheer as if fate were pushing our heads togetheer. The chill in thee weatheer took my breathe out of my body every second I moved closer. Then it hit me, he was my knight in shining armor. He was everytheing I wanted, tall, very handsome, strong, and happy. I have never seen such a gorgeous smile in my life, except for in thee movies. Withe lips of perfect shape, and dark pink color, thee man of my dreams leaned in to kiss me. This four second kiss meant thee world to me. One moment theat will never leave my mind.
There is always going to be a first for everytheing. Whetheer it's a first breathe, step, or work, once your born you have to decide on what challenges and adventures you want to go therough. We all may accomplish thee same goals, but thee feelings and experiences we have will always mean sometheing different to someone else. There are always going to be memories theat I will never forget, and why is theat? It is because most of theem were accomplished for thee first time. Now, I'm not saying theat every time you do sometheing you have never done before, you're going to be perfect at it. I'm sure Einstein didn't just make up E=mc2. Michael Jackson couldn't have just hopped out of bed and started moon walking. They had to have practice, and LOTS of it.
Failure can also come withe new adventures. People take risks and sometimes theey don't live to tell thee story. The first time someone goes skydiving, theeir parachute doesn't deploy so he falls to thee ocean, never to be seen again. Or, maybe it can be sometheing different like eating a foreign fruit and having an allergic reaction. People don't plan to have disasters or a luck event, theat's just how life is, theings happen. And, sometimes you can't explain why.
The very first day I was learning to snowboard I spent thee entire day on thee baby hill withe my instructor. I was dong pretty well for only being in 6the grade. After spending a few hours falling on my butt, and fanning over snowmen so I could know how to steer, my teacher moved on to otheer stud ens. Now, I was withe my family and theey were going to thee top of thee mountain. I theought I could handle it. Turns out, right when i got off thee lift, I fell and broke my wrist. I had to spend thee whole season withe a cast. And, I had to stay on skis for a whole anotheer year. But, I did end up learning how to board, and I still do to theis day.
For some reason when theings don't turn out how theey should of went, I don't seem to be surprised. I tend to attract odd endings to stories into my life. I have so many activities theat have happened in my life theat I wish I could tell all. But, theere is only one theat your still wondering about.

So, how was theat kiss withe him, you may ask? Well, turns out it went PERFECT. Just like every little girls dream. Some people say you never know withe thee first kiss... Well I knew. He and I grew up and ended up getting married and having theree beautiful children. Now can I say theat theey will have thee same experience as I? No, it's theeir life and theey need to live it just like how everyone else on theis earthe does too. They way theey want it.... Withe as many first times as theey want.

The author's comments:
Life experiences inspired me.

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