Intensity - Wet

October 22, 2012
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I've been going there for months now. My physiotherapist doesn't seem to think I’m getting any better, however I have much to disagree on.
I find it hard to express my lust for her, my longing to dive in to her, each and every minute, of each and every day. I want to tell her I enjoy the way her sweet, rippling, sensations caress me all over every time I envelop my body within her.
I come by most days to see her, she’s the only one that’s made me feel satisfaction in what I’m truly trying to accomplish. Some days I find she’s a murky green, and not meant to be toughed. However when I return the next day, she’s a diamond! Crystal blue, and at her best for my entry. It’s on those days that I let my hair down. The feeling of relaxation with the one I love.
Physios going well when I’m with her, I feel at peace. Her serenity comes across in ways almost impossible to describe. But then I’m interrupted and told to get out, I’m told I’ll end up like a shriveled grape.
But the physiotherapist doesn't get me, not like you.
I love the pool, I love swimming, and I love you!

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