Love Never Fails

October 19, 2012
By Kristen Calderoni SILVER, Newark, New Jersey
Kristen Calderoni SILVER, Newark, New Jersey
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Another class period to go and it will finally be the weekend. Turning the corner of my last class, I look out the window and see the wind going fifty miles per hour like how the man on the news said it would be today. I love my Windy City. I come back from reality with a push against a locker.
“Where do you think you’re going little one?” I look up and see the girl who’s bullied me ever since my freshman year, Rachel Johnson. She’s much bigger than me, I’m only five foot two. She’s stronger than me and basically.. she could eat me if she wanted to.
“To class.. please leave me alone.” I whispered. Then she got in my face, smirked at me, shoved me against the locker and left. Another bruise on my back from her, what joy. I watched her as she left and heard laughing. And there see was.. Zoe Ryder. She ‘used’ to be my best friend, but then she thought it was cool to leave me for the ‘popular’ crowd. She was also dating my best friend, who I’ve been in love with ever since we were kids. Louis Henderson. He has always been my best friend, and had made me smile when I was at my worst. He helps me with my bullying issue that I’ve had for awhile, and he helps me babysit my two baby brothers Liam and James, whenever my parents are out at night or working overtime. He’s been through everything and he has no idea that I am completely in love with him and he never will.
“KYLIE!” I recognize that voice. It was my other best friend Amber walking with my other friend Mike. They run up to me and engulf me in a hug. “Are you okay?” Amber asked.
“I’m fine.” I replied.
“Stop lying Kylie, liars are not good.” Mike said.
“Seriously… like I’m fine.. let me go to class.” I shove my way past them and pick up my books that were on the ground and make my way to class. I see Louis with Zoe and she’s mad at him as always. He’s mad as well. I cannot catch a word that they are saying, but still it looks pretty bad. Zoe walks away from him and I heard a scream.
“WE ARE SO OVER YOU IDIOT!” That just lit up my world. Louis and Zoe are done. Over. Finished. Destroyed. I do not even remember the last time I was this happy over something! I turn back around and walk down the stairs with a slight smile on my face.
“Kyle!” I turn around and see Louis coming down the stairs. When we were younger he used to call me Kyle, not Kylie, which I really don’t mind. My parents call me that and so can he. It’s a nickname from him. I used to call him Lou, so we kind of gave nicknames to each other. I stop at the step I am at and wait for him. “Meet me at my locker after school.” He says when we are walking down the stairs together. I heard that Chicago accent I love so much.
“Uh.. okay..” I said shyly. I mean Louis is my best friend, but I still get shy around him because I like him. “A-are you like okay Lou? Cause I like saw what like happened back there..”
“Yeah Kyle, I’m perfectly fine. I’ll see you at my locker.” He says leaving to go to his math class. I smile to myself and head into my math class three doors down. I take my seat and the bell rings.
“Okay guys, take out your homework, I’m going to check it and then we’ll go over it.” Mr. Bell said at his podium. I did as he said and he gave me an A on my homework because I did it right. For the rest of the class, I really did not pay attention because I was to busy thinking about Louis. All the memories from our childhood came into my brain. The swing sets on the playground at our elementary school. Going to the Chicago Navy Pier for my birthday, Six Flags for his birthday. Baby sitting my brothers, just everything we have done together. I sighed under my breath and I wanted him to be mine. I know him though, and I’m one hundred percent sure he does not want to be anything more than friends. He would rather have a girl who is blonde, skinny, tall and pretty. And me? I’m just average. I’m short, I’m kind of chubby and I have light brown hair that is always in a ponytail. He’ll never want to date me or be my boyfriend. I know it. “Kylie.” Mr. Bell said hovering right over my desk. “Is everything okay?” He asked me
“Uh.. uh. Yeah I’m okay.” I said shyly. Another thing he wants is a girl who is not shy.. I am extremely shy! Except at home or hanging out with my friends. Any other time, I am as silent as a mouse. Mr. Bell continued with his lesson and for thirty minutes more I thought to myself about me and Louis. With five minutes left I grabbed the mirror out of my bag and checked my makeup to make sure it did not smear or anything, it was okay. It could have used some touching up, but whatever. When the bell rang I gathered all my belongings, got out of my seat and left the class. I looked for Louis but he was gone and probably heading up the stairs. I went up the stairs and made a quick trip to my locker and changed the books I needed in order to do my homework for the weekend. I finished and walked quickly to Louis’ locker and he was standing there looking around, probably for me.
“Hey.” He said opening his arms up for a hug. I nodded at him and hugged him back, breathing in his Hollister cologne scent that I love. “You okay today?” He asked me letting go and looking me in the eyes.
“Yeah I’m okay.” LIAR! Liar, you are not okay. You just want the boy you love to love you back!
“Okay, but anyways, what are you doing after school?” He asked.
“Uh.. I’m uh babysitting Liam and James after school cause my mom and dad are working.” I said it so quietly that he couldn’t hear me.
“Kylie, speak up I can’t hear you.” He said smiling at me. Flipping his hair out of his face that swept across his forehead. TELL HIM KYLIE! TELL HIM YOUR FEELINGS! That stupid voice said not leaving my head.
“I’m… um.. uh.. like..” I said trying to find the words to say.
“What?” He asked looking me dead in the eyes. I just stared back into his clear blue eyes and I opened my mouth but I could not get anything out. “Kyle?”
“I love you Louis!” I blurted out. His eyes widened and I step back. Shoot.. that was not a good thing at all to say. Darn it. Darn it. Darn it Kylie. You ruined your friendship, you ruined everything. You always manage to find a way to screw things up. The voice in my head would not go away. I looked at him and he was still looking at me. “I’m sorry Lou.. I ruined our friendship.” I said walking past him. I walked faster and made my way out the school with tears beginning to form in my eyes. Thank God my house is only a block away from school, because I do not want to be walking far and have random people see me crying. I walked faster and began to fumble with my house key trying to find the front door one; I look up and see my mom pull out of the driveway going to work at her part time job at the food store. I act as if I don’t see her and keep walking up to my house. I open the door and Liam and James are playing with their toys. I head upstairs, shut my door, put my bag down, kick my shoes off and lean against my wall burying my face in my hands crying heavier and heavier. I ruined my friendship with Louis, why did I say that when I didn’t mean to? I ruin everything, I literally mean that too. I’m honestly done, I don’t want my friends anymore or be socialable with anyone. It’s just all about me because I’m sick of getting my feelings hurt. After about ten minutes of crying there is a knock at my door. I get up and wipe my eyes, my eyeliner and mascara completely gone and smeared from my eyes. I run down the stairs and look who’s at the door and it’s Louis. My heart sped up and dropped at the same time. I shake as I open the door and he looks at me with a slight smile.
“Hey.” He said.
“Hi.” I replied
“Can I come in so we can talk?” He asked. I nodded my head and led him inside. “Can we be somewhere alone away from your brothers?” I rolled my eyes and headed upstairs in to room with Louis right behind me. “Okay.. I am still completely blown away by what you said at my locker.”
“Look Louis.. I like ruined our friendship by saying that. I don’t know what like came over me and I just like had to say it because I was not like thinking. I do not blame if you if you like never want to talk to me again because I know for a fact you do not like love me back. Because you told me time and time again what you look for in a girl. So could you like just leave and like leave me alone and like move on from this?” I said beginning to sob.
“I didn’t tell you what I looked for in a perfect girl.” He whispered. I looked up at him and he wiped the tears streaming down my face. “That was what I said for an average girl, the perfect girl is short, has curves and light brown hair. She is also my best friend.” I’m dead. What? I’m dead. Did he really just describe me as his perfect girl? What? Pinch me I’m dreaming!
“But.. Louis.. I’m not perfect at all, far from it.” I said looking down. He pulled me close into a hug and rested his forehead against mine.
“You’re perfect in my eyes.” He said. We looked at each other and before I knew it his lips were against mine. They were nice and warm and it was my first kiss and it was amazing. We pulled away and he hugged me tight. “Kylie… I love you, will you be my girlfriend?” He asked me.
“Yes Louis.” I replied. We smiled at each other and headed downstairs to play and watch Liam and James. From then on Louis has helped me gain my confidence back, make more friends, and be happy. He is my knight is shining armor and I want him to be in my life, forever.

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