The Girl Who Found Love

September 14, 2012
By Jasmine Williams BRONZE, Grandview, Missouri
Jasmine Williams BRONZE, Grandview, Missouri
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One day when Symarah was at work she saw the boy who she had liked but, she was too shy to talk to him. The next day when she was at work he came up to her in interduce himself to her. Hi, my name is Nick in I was wandering if you would like to go to lunch with me symarah smiled and said yes. They went to go eat at Grandview Cafe she said my name is Symarah and are you new to the company yes I'am I don't know anybody here I'm kinda shy to talk to anybody but, your talkin to me your a nice person. After that they started goin on dates with each other they liked each a couple of years went by and they were living with each other. Nick thought it would be a good idea if he'll ask symarah if she'll marry him and she said yes, they got married in June moved to Texas and started their life there. They had three kids named, Rose, Mike, and Kelly they life was going well. As the years went by their kids were all grown up in starting their lives symarah amd nick was now 50 and 51 years old and are stil married and living their lives they had found love for a lifetime.
The End

The author's comments:
I want people to know they love is everywhere

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