Superman VS. Batman

August 25, 2012
By Anonymous

It was only yesterday, but I remember it like a fleetly fading dream...lying on the grass at the park. Our fingers intertwined. I can’t believe I found my very own superman, complete with the dark curls, except sparkling green eyes. He was my everything. Starting over across the country all alone isn't what one would consider easy. He promised me everything, a happy marriage, and happy family. So tell me how did it go from there to here? Me, gasping for breath on the floor, him holding the knife over me, burning with anger. Please just end it, the abhorrence, the animosity, and all of those corruptful emotions. Just let it end and we can forget about everything that just happened and go back to yesterday where everything was so fairytale-like. But the police arrived and ruined any chance of making up. I remember saying that there was nothing wrong, but an officer said that he was being prosecuted for attempted murder. Who knew even Superman had a dark side? As I sit here replaying the events leading up to my near-death experience, I realize he was like a cup of sweet fruit punch. Laced with toxins, why was it spoiled? Such a beautiful thing, why did it have to be ruined? I remember when we had to go to court for his trial, he had tears in his eyes. I wanted to walk across the court room and sit in his lap and comfort him. But as I was about to get up and walk over to him, I heard his sentencing. The judge boomed across the courtroom” Eric Blake Grayson has been accused of attempted murder and in the presence of a jury, has been found guilty.” Guilty. Guilty of attempted murder…..those words echoed in my head as reality crashed through the glass wall I’ve been seeing things through. He was allowed a few last words and they were,” Mi amor, my love, I’m sorry I lost control. Promise me that you’ll move on in life, hate me for all of eternity, I deserve it, but move on. Find someone who will love you with all of their heart but make sure they deserve you. Make sure you’re safe. I can’t-I don’t even know where to begin apologizing but I will leave with these final words, I’m sorry for the day we met. I will forever love you, my heart is yours forevermore.”
That was a month ago so here I am still in Crescent City, CA, an artist in the great comfort of the Red Wood trees, a HUGE fan of Batman, and absolutely done with guys. My dogs bring me enough comfort, besides the nightmares have gone down some……well okay to at least three times a night. But now I don’t have to keep all of the lights on when I go to sleep, I managed to shut off the light hanging over the kitchen sink, but the other two lights in the kitchen are still on. I have one question though, why do all fairy-tales have to end? What made him snap? That feeling of walking on air, that dizzy feeling of love making you light headed, why did it have to be stripped away? That just about behind me. I'm walking on the higher road, taking a new path. I found this other guy....he heard about what happened and he's my batman. Complete-ly good to me and good looking. Thanks Sam.I moved on-almost. I'm sorry Eric, for everything.

The author's comments:
I was going to write some sort of love story but this came out instead. An interesting twist, eh?

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