August 16, 2012
By MTay1234 BRONZE, Portsmouth, Virginia
MTay1234 BRONZE, Portsmouth, Virginia
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Love me like its your last day on earth,like a wife expressing sincere sweetness but also with the lust and yearning of a secret lover.

Your beautiful facial structure. Yeah,i notice that. Not many girls would though. I like to think of myself as a person craving for details in every situation. The little things matter to me. I mean I think its awesome You're the starting pitcher for our school baseball team and how you have the voice of an angle sent from heaven itself but I care more about the little dI'mple you get when you're smiling your real smile,not just your "I'm mister popular smile", and how you have that adorable scar by your right eye from where your hit the corner of a table trying to run away from the teacher in third grade. Would i ever ask for your heart? No,of course not! I'm afraid you already have mine unfortunately. I never asked for things to work out like this. I would love to be like every other girl in this little suburban town. Instead of being in complete and utter love with you, i could be swooning over other boys with exotic features and charming personalities. Looks like I'm stuck with your everyday all American city boy appearance I've never had the best luck and this reputation has failed to go away because if any luck had been on my side at all i wouldn't be thinking about all of this would I? Like I said before, normal girls don't really have to go through this. I also never stated i was a normal girl.

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Another late night piece :)

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