That Day (Part 2)

August 9, 2012
By eliana_anastasia11 SILVER, Naperville, Illinois
eliana_anastasia11 SILVER, Naperville, Illinois
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My heart is still racing and we’ve been at Emily’s locker for five minutes. His image is dancing in my head. He was a little taller than me with short dark brown hair. He has tan skin and a muscular figure, not like bulky muscular though. His eyes were what locked me in. They made you feel like everything was alright and nothing in the world could hurt you. His kind gentle eyes. Jack’s eyes. “Hey Dani, do you know who that kid I ran into was?” I ask trying not to sound desperate. “Oh that’s Jack, this is his first year at Beechwood High School. He’s in our grade, but everyone says he super quiet. He’s in the popular group and guess who he’s already going out with?” What?! He was going out with someone. I felt like a balloon popped in me and a cold sense shriveled through my body. “Who?” “Chloe. I’m surprised you didn’t guess her right away, you know that she goes after any guy that catches her eye.” I honestly felt like a weight was dropped on me and my stomach curled up. I know that I barley know Jack but something about him made me feel... wonderful. This is a big school and I’ve seen many guys in my grade go through these halls, but he…Oh my god! Mia stop it! He’s probably like every other a****** that has fallen for Chloe. I tense up a smile and I get to first period.
Walking off the bus with my homework filled backpack and the song Wait for You by Elliott Yamin is blasting in my years I realize that I haven’t thought about him for so long... great, now I’m thinking about him again. I get home quickly, grab a big glass of milk, go to my room, and shut my door. I take out my ear buds, and lay on my bed. My room is one of the only places I can think clearly. Its beach theme makes me feel relaxed, with all the soft blues and greens, I feel like I’m in paradise. I am wrong though, I and fighting a battle in my head about Jack. A pounding headache is not what I would call paradise. I try and fit puzzle pieces together in my head. Dani said he was shy, but he was the one who kept the conversation going, and what the hell was with me?! I am never shy! Two syllables came out of my mouth after I caught sight of him, Mi-a. God, I’m such an idiot. Every time I think about him I my cheeks get rosy, my heart beats faster and confused emotions rush over me. I decide to take a break from the battle I’m fighting and do my homework. That’ll get him off my mind, hopefully.
Tony and I are walking home from school when I finally find the balls to say, “Hey I want to break up with Chloe.” I say causally. There is a long pause that makes the knot in my stomach tighter before Tony says “Then break up with her man. It was Chris’ idea to make you go out with her in the first place. She’s hot and all but she barley talks to you and she flirts with all the guys even though you’re her boyfriend. You have every right to break up with her.” He says. I let out a sigh and thank god for letting me have such a great friend. Tony has been super kind to me since the first day I came to Beechwood. He gets me and while all the other guys just look down at me like a little bird in a group filed of eagles, Tony treats me like a brother. He’s my only real friend here. Chris is like a combination of both a wanna be popular and a cool funny guy. Tony has blonde short curly hair with a dark complexion while Chris has straight long red hair and a light complexion. “Thanks Tony.” I say.
We open the door to my house. We go up to my room and start our science project when she finally pops back into my head again. The thought of her makes me want to break up with Chloe right at this second. I wonder what she thinks of me. Did she feel the connection? “Tony,” I say after about ten minutes of studying. “Yeah?” he says without looking up. “Do you know that girl that I bumped into? Mia?” He puts his books down and gives me the “I know what you’re thinking” look. “Ah! That why you were smiling like a clown all day! Ok well she’s not in the popular group but she’s popular. She’s nice to everyone and really outgoing. She’s in all my classes like Honors Reading and Writing, and Enrichment Math. She’s crazy hot and really smart. Let me guess…. You like her?” he says with a smirk on his face. I am about to just say yeah and try to change the subject when I realize I can trust Tony. I get up and start talking. “No I don’t just like her Tony, there was something about her. Something special that I’ve never felt before. I can’t get her out of my head. I don’t know how to describe it. What should I do, man?!” “Ok, slow down. First, you’ve got to break up with Chloe as soon as possible because she probably already has the scoop on you. Second, you got to get to know her, then see how it all goes from there. And the rest will fall into place! Now sit back down, you’re making me nervous when you stand up!” I sit down and get back to homework. I start to think about what Jack said; first I got to break up with Chloe, and then get to know Mia. I slam what I’m working on the ground in front of me and hide my face in my hands. “God!” I grunt. “Jack, what it is?” he asks. “What am I doing, Tony?! I barely know this chick and I like her. Things are so complicated! I want to get to know her but how?! Ugh!” He lets me calm down a bit before he speaks again. “Listen Jack, to be honest with you, I have no idea what you are feeling, but I got your back. Ok? I will figure out a way for you to get to know her. Don’t worry.” I let my body relax, and I feel the once tensed muscles, loosen. The melody sounds more relaxing as I let my worries wash away.

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