Unexpected Love Ch. 1

July 28, 2012
By TacosNbullcrap BRONZE, Loganville, Georgia
TacosNbullcrap BRONZE, Loganville, Georgia
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"Later man" Kale said to his Co-worker before leaving out for the day. He decided to pick up some groceries on his way home. He stopped at 'Shop N Save' to obtain items for making a sandwich. Kale was definitely not a cook so when he didn't feel like spending money on Chinese take out he would make sandwiches.


"Girl i know I have to pick up this stuff for our dinner party okay? Wait what? uh-uh girl I am not making no potato salad. Are you helping me cook this food? No? then let me cook what i want." Arden hung up the phone on her best friend , she was so tired of her rushing her and stressing her out so she ended the phone call. She pushed her cart slowly around the isles of the 'Shop N Save'. She was going to go straight past the vegetable section when someone caught her eye. He was tall, maybe 6'2 or an easy 6'3, He had piercing blue eyes and sandy blond hair that sat playfully on his head. He had a swimmers body. At that moment Arden knew she had to have him but she quickly shooed that thought out of her head. "humph" she scoffed "what would a white guy that looks as good as him want with a black girl like me." she shook her head , she was not bad looking herself. She was drop dead gorgeous, she stood about 5'6 with coco colored skin very smooth, she had naturally curly raven colored hair. Her body was curvy in all the right places, she had a baby face topped of with a button nose. She was really something , but past experiences with going for guys told her something else. She turned to leave when she something ran right into her, she fell. "I am so sorry miss I ... crap , Here let me help you...up." Kale studied her face as he pulled her to her feet. He was looking at her for a long period of time he was caught in a daze by her beauty until she spoke. "Its okay really , thanks for the help." She smiled shyly as she realized he still held her arm. She looked down , "um i was wondering, can i maybe have my arm back" She said with a little giggle. "Oh , Ha I'm sorry .. uh I'm stupid, sorry, yeah , ha there you go." He mentally slapped himself for being so apologetic. "Its okay really , thanks again for the help." She smiled, waved and walked off. Kale stood there watching as she walked away , her hips swayed back bottom, very thick and soft looking. A little more than what he was used to. He usually dated those beautiful Italian or Brazilian Models with killer bodies and a lot of confidence. But this girl, this girl looked as if she had been through some things and though she was strongly standing on two feet she could be easily pushed over. He didn't like to think of someone taking advantage of his dark skinned beauty. He had given her a nickname since he didn't know hers. "Wait," he thought , "HEY EXCUSE ME MISS I DIDN'T GET YOUR NAME" he screamed after her like a mad man , he didn't know what came over him. He usually had women falling all over him , but this girl did something to him, he could quite say what though. When he caught up to her by standers were looking at him like he was crazy but he didn't care. "Hey excuse me," he manged to get out between breaths . "I didn't get your name." She smiled at the fact the he had chased her down. "I'm Arden." "I'm Kale." he replied with a grin so big. "Well can I...." He started just to be cut off by her song ringing the song Bullet proof love by pierce the veil." She gave a silent apology when as she accepted the call. "yes ? Girl i told you i was on my way there can you be patient please? thank you . bye girl." she ended the call. " Sorry , my friend just doesn't know how to wait." she laughed lightly. He smiled back , he loved the way her full lips looked when she smiled ever so elegantly. " Hey can i see your phone?" He asked . "um sure." she handed it to him hesitantly. He took it and called his phone. now he had her number and she had his. He smiled to himself trying not to show how happy he was on the outside. "Here you go gorgeous." he winked as he walked off. Arden stood there in awe , trying to process what just happened. She pinched she self to see if she might have been sleep. "Ouch!" she yelped. Nope this was no dream, but where should she go from here, what she she do next.

The author's comments:
Just my imagination.
Hopefully everyone will like this piece , only constructive criticism please and thank you. Chapter 2 coming soon depending on how well everyone responds to this chapter.

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