Our First (and Last) Kiss

July 23, 2012
By snewell23 SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
snewell23 SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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"I love my mother, but the love of my spot is much greater" -The Big Bang Theory

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was sweet, yet sexy. We were sitting in the movie theater, at first not even touching. I remember how nervous we both were, but then you moved your hand close to mine but pulled it away in fear of rejection. I then moved mine closer and you grabbed it. I remember how our hands fit together like puzzle pieces. Then you started moving your thumb up and down gently. I remember how you put your arm around me like in movies where the guy would stretch and move it around the girl. It still makes me giggle. Then I put my head on your chest and your arm around my waist. and like holding my hand, you moved your hand up and down my side slowly and gently. You kissed my head and put yours on top of mine. I had to adjust my position and right before I laid on your chest again, you turned my head back and moved in to kiss me. Our lips touched and you wrapped your hands around my waist and pulled me close to you. I started playing with your hair and you pulled me on your lap and started stroking my hair. And before we knew it the lights were up and our friends were laughing at us for being so oblivious. As the movie credits ended so did his love for me.

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