Her Hand in Fate

July 20, 2012
By PaintedWings13 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
PaintedWings13 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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“Hey where are you going?” I turn around and start to run.
“Stop, that’s my car!” I yell as I ran after the tow truck.
As I run after the truck all I could think about was how just thirty minutes ago everything had been perfect. The radio was playing the classics, Pix had a full tank a gas and I had nothing to do but drive. Pix, my Plymouth Neon, and I were just on our way home from the store when I noticed Pix wasn’t working all that well.
She was riding rough and suddenly she stopped. She left me sitting there on a hill with the road buzzing with traffic. All I heard were honking cars and people yelling at me to move. I was nervous and frazzled because I could not get her started to just get to someplace safe. I was able to grab my cell from my purse, but it was my luck to find that my battery had died. Now what am I supposed to do, I think to myself. There were a few houses to the right of me but they all looked like no one was home. All I knew was that I needed to get out of the car just in case someone would hit it.
I got my stuff and slowly opened my door but of course my door was on the side where cars were flying past me, so instead I crawled out the passenger side. I walked up to the houses and knocked on the doors. However, like I had expected no one was home. When I went back to Pix a tow truck was attached to her and the truck was driving away. And now here I am running after it yelling for the driver to stop. The driver took a turn in one of the driveways of the houses I had just been to and drove all the way to the back of the property till it reached an old garage.
Running after the truck I finally slowed to a stop and looked around. The old garage was surrounded by car parts. It looked like something swallowed up whole cars and spit them out in parts. Looking at all the parts all I thought was, “Oh my heaven, this guy has my Pix.” With this thought going over in my head I run to my car. Just as I was about to defend myself, and my car, the look of the driver stopped me in my tracks.
His eyes were the color of the richest earth soil. His hair was thick and the color matched his eyes. His lips were perfect and oh, when he smiled, just one smile made my heart skip a beat. He started to approach me and all I could think of was his smile, his eyes, his hair, just him. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t notice he was talking to me. But then he touched Pix I snapped out of it really quick.
“Who do you think you are taking my car?” I said.
“I heard the commotion on the road so I came to look. I saw your car there in the middle of the road. Quite honestly, I thought it silly to park your car there. Well anyhow, when I saw you get out of the car and go to each house to knock on the door I knew that you needed help. So, I went to get my truck and I towed your car to my garage,” he said.
“Oh and to answer your question of who I am, my name is Justin Barnes, but most folks call me J.B.,” he said with a smirk.
“Well Mr. Barnes, I did not park my car in the middle of the road, she just stopped. And for further reference when you plan on helping someone you might actually tell them you are helping them because they might think you are stealing their car. I do not need or want your help. Looking around I see what you do to cars and you will not do it to my Pix.” I put my hand on my hip.
“Pix? You name your car?” he smirked.
“Yes I do. Now if you would please take my car off your tow truck. I do not need any further assistance of your mechanic work,” I demanded.
“Okay, if you say so. By the way I’m not a mechanic, I restore cars, and the stuff you see laying around is the old stuff I rescued from the scrap heap,” he smiled and unhooked Pix.
“Thank you very much,” I said as I attempted to push Pix off of his property.
In the midst of my struggle I heard J.B. laughing at me. I looked around at him and he looked away. I straightened up, swallowed my pride and walked over to him.
“Yes, ma’am, how may I help you?” He said with a smart tone and grin.
“Very funny, so you fix cars?” I said as I felt quite foolish for my pride.
He giggled and then said, “Yes I fix them, not destroy them. Now, will you let me help you?”
I rolled my eyes and then said, “Yes you can help me, but I swear if you hurt her.”
“Chill Ace, I am not going to hurt your Pix, if anything I’ll do her some good. Oh, and if I am going to do this and do this right, I am going to need you to not talk,” he said with a smirk that made me want to knock him out flat.
“Fine, I won’t talk but I am going to watch your every move, and my name is Gwen not Ace!” I said sitting down on the steps in the corner of his garage.
“I’m looking forward to your company….Ace!” he gave me that smile and my heart skipped again.
Sitting there watching J.B. fix my car I thought about fate. Pix had traveled with me to all my dream destinations that brought great adventures. But I think Pix has made her own dream destination of playing her hand it fate. I will forever be thankful to my Pix for bringing me to J.B.


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on Jul. 30 2012 at 12:12 pm
Very nice story. We all would like to have great endings like that one.

Daniel42293 said...
on Jul. 30 2012 at 10:19 am
This story is amazing!! I love it!! I expect more of your creative writing!! :)

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