Secrets Make the Best Friendships

July 11, 2012
By XxFroggy98 BRONZE, Garland, Texas
XxFroggy98 BRONZE, Garland, Texas
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"All I'm saying is, you could do way better than that jerk."
"Jason, for the third time stay out of my love life." Sighs Kennedy, as she trudges behind her best friend Jason wearily. For the past month he had been constantly on her case about one meaningless date with a Senior at their school, bringing it up at every chance possible. "Why does it bother you so much anyway?" she says curiously, as she rummages through her almost empty locker."
"Well, I... just want to look out for you," his voice cracks in the familiar way it always does when he's nervous, "He's just going to break your heart. You're way too smart to be seriously in to him." Kennedy slams her locker shut staring at him, her face red and flustered.
"Stay out of it will you!" instantly she feels guilt, calmly she lowers her voice, "I can take care of myself." Her lips curve into a smile, "Okay?"
Sighing under his breath, Jason returns the smile back. "Yeah." Again he watches as the girl of his dreams melts away his heart, brain and soul. He watches her as she walks away, her white lacy skirt flowing stopping at the end of her knees. Her bracelets filling the air with the usual sound of clanging and jingling. A small lump forms in his throat as he croaks out, "Kennedy?" Suddenly the whole world stops, the only thing in sight being the girls he's loved since the first day of first grade... The girl who knew him better than he knew his own self... The girl who got him through it all... The girl he came to call his best friend... The rest of the world slowly comes back to view painfully pulling him back to his senses. And then he hears it,
"Yeah?" Kennedy replies, twirling back to face Jason. Beads of sweat crowd around his forehead, as his stomach twists and jumps as if putting on a circus performance.
"I- I just wanted to make sure you were still coming over for dinner tonight."
She grins widely and holds up her pinky, "Wouldn't miss it for the world." Away she strolls, making her way down the hallway as tears flood her eyes. Suddenly another girl makes her way to Kennedy hugging her tightly while wiping away the ever flowing tears.
"Nothing at all?"
"I told you he wasn't in to me."

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