Love-sick and Sun-sick

July 1, 2012
By Will428 BRONZE, New York, New York
Will428 BRONZE, New York, New York
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The two lovers lay beneath the starry sky. The wet grass dampened their clothing and their hair, creating silvery droplets, pearls that glistened on their stone skin. The wind whispered gently through the tall trees around them. The stars winked and twirled, reflecting in their eyes. Those eyes that had seen forever, that skin that felt neither pain nor warmth for as long as either could remember. It was all almost over. Everything had its end.

It was approaching.

The two lovers turned to face each other, hands held tightly. The man smiled, his teeth a pearl white against the darker grey of his skin. The woman looked back, her hair splayed across the dewy grass, creating a pool upon which rested her head. She smiled at him. In her eyes was the pain and loneliness that only a millennia could create. Her red lips opened, with the same white teeth that her companion possessed.

The dawning clouds began to swirl and form the last barricade to the oncoming end.

They locked in their kiss. That kiss conveyed an emotion to both lovers. It was long and sweet. A goodbye kiss. The kiss that helped them share so many years of suffering.

The red and gold rays of the sun broke through the gathered clouds.

The two lovers shimmered, the stone skin splitting, and cracking. Their hair shone, like fire, burning in a million points of flame.

The warmth flooded through their bodies, both of them gasping, breathing in each other, the warmth that they had missed for so long.

That grey skin began to crumble, like a tumbling statue of a roman god. It slowly disintegrated, floating into the air, carried aloft into the golden sky.

That kiss was the last thing to go. It stayed locked, a testament to each connection and need.

It finally broke apart, raised to the heavens, the last piece broken, and then there was no more of the two lovers.

A faint whisper carried across the grass, across the sky, to hope to find its returning smile, its solace and embrace, that faintest love returned.

“I shall see you when the sun rises.”

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this for my girlfriend, when we both joked on how we were such vampires. This kind of became me expressing my devotion and love, rather than an inside joke. I read over it and found myself enjoying the imagery. This is also my first post. Please give me any constructive criticism.

Thanks in advance!

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