Blazing Hot

June 16, 2012
His eyes staring down into mine; the very essence of hurt resonates in those beautiful golden hazel eyes. The hurt of a neglective father, and drunken mother. The emotional scars of abuse by peers and the physical scars of many, many accidents. This boy, so frail and fragile, deserved better than I. This boy with the smooth black hair, slicked back in the rain and his teary eyes hidden and concealed by the pouring rain who kisses with the desire of a man, but the tenderness of a young boy just discovering the appeal of girls. His large and powerful hands grab my fair and freckled face as we kiss passionately. Love has everything to do with it, new love, the love of a friendship caught on fire and blazing with heat and intensity, realizing the person you lusted for, longed for, and needed was there all along by your side for years. The pouring rain didn't dare douse the fire as our passion burnt on.

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