Perfect yet Untouchable

June 13, 2012
By Hockeyeastme7 SILVER, Millinocket, Maine
Hockeyeastme7 SILVER, Millinocket, Maine
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You lay eyes on him. He's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. Yet you don't approach him, you stay away hidding from any eye contact. But you can't keep your eyes off of him, and you want to go up and touch him to see if he's really real. His smile glimers off the walls sparkling like a diamond, and his eyes shine like stars that will never fade. You know he must have flaws, but there are none you could tell, and all his flaws would be the number one things you would love about him. As you stand by just observing you don't realize how much time has past, and you know he must have noticed you by now, but he hasn't signified that he has. You wonder how someone so perfect could be so real. As you keep watching him you notice his physique, how his muscles petruded from under his t-shirt, not body building but fit. How he's not skinny but built, and how he's about average height. His laugh sends shudders through your body, and you finally find the nerve to go up and talk to him. As you stand there in front of him, he looks at you and smiles, and it takes all your courage and engery to say "hi" and even then you stutter. You make him laugh, and the butterflies in your stomach explode. He has left you tounge-tied, and you're blushing. You feeling like an idiot but he's smiling. You manage to make small talk. Then when someone asks for a picutre and he touches your lower back you feel sparks run through your entire body, and are numb. He smiles even more knowing what he has done. The smell of his colonge; smells like heaven, as you catch the scent. You two talk a while longer and you can't stop smiling. Then once he says goodbye he knows he's got you all tied up, just by your reactions. But the worst thing is, is that you have no control over it. But what do you do when you meet most beautiful, charming, funny, guy, and you can't have him....

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