Red gold

June 11, 2012
By reessaufley SILVER, Milton, New Hampshire
reessaufley SILVER, Milton, New Hampshire
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Waves of red gold roll trough my fingers as I rub the moon white skin of her neck I know her every motion. I know where she wants my hands where my soft pressure would be loved the most. But I give a little tease before coming down on the tight muscle that needed my tenderness most.
She lets out a soft moan as I lessen the tightness. I smile at the obvious signs of pleasure she moves to make the pleasure grater as she moans beneath my hands.
I glide over her soft skin to her shoulders, that I give great attention to each grab like kneading dough and with each accompanies a sound of pleasure. I enjoy this I think to my self as my hands slide down to her upper back giving attention where needed although I’m not sure why I thinks its be because it pleases her and pleasing her pleases me
My hands slide down to her lover back and she begins to pull away not in pain but ecstasy I slowly take care of her as she melts in my arms she looks back at me
“ I love you,” she says between moans
“ I love you too,” I say smiling
She kisses me with her soft lips sweet as can be
I love you more then anything I thing to my self

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