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June 6, 2012
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I look down at the table red checked. Did he notice me? No, I don't think he did. I peer through my eyelashes to see him staring right back at me. Blushing I avert my eyes to my soda. I play with the ice in it. Pushing one cube down and watching it resurface.

I look back up wondering if he was still looking at me. I peer through my hair. Yup, hes still looking at me. who is this boy? Do I know him from somewhere? No, I would be able to reconize him. He had brown hair and brown eyes. His face was flushed with a constand pink as if he were blushing. He was very tall, around easily over six foot.He was definatly a looker. But why was he looking at me?

I did not look like his type. I stood at around 5'8, he would easily tower over me. I had a medium muscular build and I also had narrow brown eyes. My blonde hair was cut short to my sholders and was pin straight. I had no chance.

I looked down again feeling slightly lame. I should just leave. I grabbed my pruse and soda and walked out not looking back to see if he was stariing at me.

I was unusallaly cold outside. Weird it wasn't before... Crap, forgot my sweatshirt. Anoyed I walked back in to grap it only to run into something. I fell right on my butt. I looked up to see what ran into me. I felt a warm rush of heat come to my face. I was looking right into the boys eyes. I looked down and saw that he was holding my sweatshirt. Picking myself off the ground acwardly I took my crumpled blue sweat shirt.

"Thanks," I muttered my face red with embaressment.

He nodded his head with an amused smile.

I couldn't help but smile back.

"We'll thanks," said stupidly.

He gave me a confused look. Oh, god. "Well, bye and er-thanks."

I spun on my heal and speed walked towards my rusty blue neon hopeing I never saw him again.

"uhhhhhhhhh!" I sighed as I fell on my bed with a thump.

I looked at the clock and growned. I was only 8:05 and it was a Saterday night. Dragging myself to my DVD shelf to watch reruns of the Simpsons I bumped into the small desk next to my bed and knocking it over. After a few choice words I picked it up. After seting it up right I saw something float to the ground. Looking down I saw a small peice of orange paper that looked like it belonged off a paper place mat. I was about to throw it away when I saw something written on it. Seven little numbers were written on it with one word next to it. Hey... I smiled at it wondering where it could have come from. Then I remembered.

Picking up my cell I dialed the number and after only several beeps he answered it.

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