My love, I want you to remember

May 25, 2012
By Chelsea_Graap GOLD, Preston, Iowa
Chelsea_Graap GOLD, Preston, Iowa
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love always finds its way in your heart

If I told you what I thought would you run away? If I told you I can’t stop thinking about you would you run away? I can’t express my feelings. They just stay in my head. I want to tell you I love you every second of the day.

I want to tell you I’ve never felt this way about anyone else. There are so many things I want to tell you but I can’t I just keep them to myself. That’s how I make sure I don’t get hurt. I build walls and I want someone to tear them down. I want someone to care enough to try to get me to open up. I want to tell you all these things but I can’t.
I love you so much but I don’t think you feel the same. I can’t think of anyone but you. I want to tell you that you are my life. You are my reason for living. You are my light in this darkness. I push people away just to see who cares enough to come back. I want to tell you everything I think and feel but I can’t. I don’t want to scare you away. If I did I couldn’t live anymore.

My life is so bad that you are my only good. Any time I hear a love song I think of you. Any time I write a poem you are the one it’s about. Every time I got to bed at night I think of you and how I wish you were there next to me. I can’t see you often and when I do it makes my world just to see you.
That first kiss was like something out of a romance novel. It gave me butterflies and I didn’t want it to end. When I’m with you I feel safe and I feel like I can tell you everything but when I try I can’t. I’ve learned to deal with my problems without anyone’s help and that’s made me push you away.
How could I have done that? I think about that every day. My big mistake. I loved you so much and I still do. But I let you go and for what? I don’t know I wasn’t thinking. I can’t think when I’m not with you. All I want to do is be with you.
After two weeks you too me back. I was so happy and people could tell. I know my friends don’t like you but I do. That’s all that matters. I feel like I can be myself when I’m with you. You know I’m not the type of person to open up but that one night I did. I told you about my dog and how I felt when I lost her.
I was lying on the floor and you were on the couch. You looked down at me with your beautiful blue eyes and I looked up at you. We were frozen in time. Just us two in the world. It was unreal. I whispered “I love you.” and you replied “I love you too.” I was like something you would only see on T.V.
When we are apart we text a lot. It usually consists of “yeah” or “yup” but it’s the best convocation I’ve ever had. There are also a lot of “I miss you” and “I love you” in them too. We could talk about everything and anything.
The next time I saw you it was awesome too. We don’t do much but it’s awesome. We like to watch movies together. We sometimes cuddle and it’s nice. You protect me when it’s dark and stormy. And when I say I’m cold you warm me. That’s nice too.
You always know how to make me smile when I’m at my saddest. You always know what to say or do. I love everything about you but when you’re away I sometimes have my doubts. But in the end I know I could never leave you and you said we would be together for a long time.
Homecoming. I took you there. You met most of my friends. We danced to a slow song. Actually two. I didn’t want to stop. I was having so much fun with you. My friends liked you at first. We went to another one of my friend’s house and we watched a movie and cuddled. I couldn’t stop smiling. We held hands and waited for my parents to get there. When we got to my house we cuddled on the couch kissed good night and fell asleep.
Next was your homecoming. I went with your cousin and my friend and her cousin. Wow yeah I know. I went with your cousin and I was spose to go with you. He was nice though but you didn’t like him. After homecoming I was late coming back to your house. I made out with your cousin in his car that’s why but after awhile you forgave me.
After this since summer was ended we didn’t see much of each other. But we were still together. We lasted 10 months. Then we got in a huge fight. We ended up braking up and didn’t talk for awhile. But we were too good of friends to stop talking. We slowly started to talk again and that’s when I realized I still loved you more than anything.
I think you did to considering one night you kissed me and we just sat there looking at each other. We weren’t officially going out but we kissed and stuff. We were pretty much back to normal. Well as normal as normal could get. No one quite understood our relationship. It was different but we didn’t care.
The night of your accident. I guess you were doing something to get yourself hurt and you went to the hospital. It was two days later by the time I knew. I rushed right over. You didn’t remember me or any one in that fact. I cried for days till I built up enough strength to write you this. I really want you to remember me. I love you and you love me. You were my whole life.
Now it’s different. I can’t believe you don’t remember me. I forgot to tell you how we got together. I was on a trip in Florida and we were texting. You said you had to be honest with me and you said you liked me. I couldn’t believe it. You liked me! I admitted I liked you too. But at that time you had a girlfriend. But two days later you asked me out. You actually asked me out! It was great. I have to say it was love at first sight as you say even though when we first met each other we were in elementary. But you said that went you first met me there was something missing and you said that was love which it’s there now and always will be.

Your love,

P.s- I will always love you even if you don’t remember me. And if you never do I will make you fall in love with me again.

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it was just something i thought of hope ya like it.

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