Take a deep breath

May 27, 2012
By Anonymous

Oh my god. Someone help me, is this really happening? No, definitely not, this is me we're talking about. But it has, yes, it really has! Okay cool it Annie, you can do this. No biggie. It'll be fine, just don't seem too interested. Urghhh that is impossible! Why me. Just do what Becky told you. Hard to get, hard to get, I can do this! Wait, no, no I can't.

Urghhhhh why does he have to be so dreamy, with his perfect teeth and silky smooth hair. Snap out of it! Quick! He probably thinks I'm ignoring him, no, no I'm not! Say something! Anything! What if he goes offline before I get a chance to reply? What then? Okay, okay, act cool, pretend you're not fussed. No, no don't do that! He'll think I'm not interested! I am, I really am. But I can't let him know I am. But what if he moves on to another girl? Oh dear God, someone help me. No wait, I can do this, just start typing. That's it, I can do this, I can! Okay, does that sound too desperate? Yes, yes it does! Okay backspace, ehmmm.. how about a smiley face. No, not that one, that looks way to desperate. Okay not that one either, looks like I'm confused. But I am. Not because he wrote to me, because I don't know what to say! He can't know I feel like this, act cool, act cool. Just type something, anything quick! One y or two? Two looks too friendly, I don't wanna be friends! Da**it, I'll send one, but wait that sounds too formal. Okay send!

Oh no, what if he thinks I'm weird, or a slow texter. Boys don't like slow texters. What if he goes for someone else who texts back quicker. Its been 20 seconds! He hasn't replied, he's not writing! What am I gonna do? I've just humiliated myself, my life is over, oh my God. I knew I should've put two Y's, I knew only one would look too formal.. maybe it was my ":)" smiley, yes. That definitely looked too formal. Oh da**it, he'll never wanna speak to me again, I'm gonna have to change schools. I can never look at him again after this, rejection sucks. Its been two minutes, why hasn't he replied yet! He started it, he wanted to talk to me. You know what? I don't need this, nope, don't need this, I can be happy without him, yeah, I don't need no man. No I do, I like him so much. Please, put me out of my misery, REPLY TO ME.

He's writing! He's writing! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Breathe.

The author's comments:
Decided to experiment a bit, just some of the thoughts that go through my head when I like a boy & he talks to me :) I'm sure a lot of girls can relate to this haha.

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