The Proposal....?

May 11, 2012
By Anonymous

Nathan just graduated college to become a botanist. He is planning on proposing to Jenny this afternoon. They have been dating for three years, and the time is finally perfect. He prays she says yes. He prays. And he prays.

When Jenny gets home from her doctor appointment, Nathan asks her if she will go on a walk with him in the park. She goes with him. Of course.

He gets down on his right knee, takes her left hand, reaches in his back left pocket, and pulls out a navy blue, velvety ring box. He opens it. There is a huge, fancy ring with three diamonds on it. He is really nervous and says, “Jenny, over the past three years, I have GROWN to love you and it would be a great honor if you would give me your hand in marriage.”

Jenny is taken by surprise and bursts out crying, pulls him up from the ground, and says, “I’m sorry Nathan, I love you, but I can’t marry you. I love you so much!”

“What?! Why can’t you marry me?”

“I can’t, I I I just can’t I’m so sorry!” and she runs away crying. But she is still in the park, sitting at the same place where Nathan proposed. Holding the ring. She is crying. She tries to get up and gets winded, so she sits back down. A few minutes later, she gets up and collapses to the ground unmoving. No one knows where she is, so no one can help her.

The author's comments:
This is a summerized version of a play my acting class wrote in 2011.

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