Let Us Be Together Till Eternity

April 26, 2012
By BrickByBoringBrick64 SILVER, San Francisco, California
BrickByBoringBrick64 SILVER, San Francisco, California
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"You know you are in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."
-Dr. Seuss

Vineland, New Jersey - 7:46 am

I anxiously waited, smoothing my yellow spring dress down every five seconds. Darting my frantic eyes towards every person who departed the crowded train. The clacking sound coming from my buckling knees made me feel extremely self-conscience. My heart raced faster every time my heart beat it’s beat. I just couldn’t help my anxiety from rising higher and higher with every millisecond passing by. There was anticipation building in my system and I could feel my blood flow quicken with every hope I inspired in my head. Too much was rushing through my head that I was feeling nauseated. Sweat was revealing itself through my unbalanced pores. I couldn’t take it anymore, the fear rose inside me when the train started having less and less people depart from it.

My in-laws were patiently waiting on either side of me. Mrs. Janet McCoy was tapping her foot in a rhythmic motion while, Mr. Stephen McCoy was crossing and uncrossing his arms around his chest. They seemed so cool about this whole situation, as if it was everyday their son came home from the war. It was hard to just stand next to them because, with Mr. McCoy’s stern facial expression and Mrs. McCoy’s happy-go-lucky smile, I felt more of an outcast then ever possible. I needed him to come back to me. Just so I wouldn’t feel so alone and abandoned. Plus, it’s been like living on a different universe when not waking up next to his in-shape, rock hard body.

I missed his gentle fingertips caressing my rosy pink cheeks, every touch was like a spark going off at the bottom of my stomach. The way his lips formed made me fall in love with him all over again, always having a corner turned upwards into a small smirk filled with true feelings of love. His breathtaking hazel eyes the reason why I could just stare at him forever because, it was one of his unique features. Smelling the way a newly blossomed jasmine smells at the first sign of Spring, the aroma overwhelms me every time like a surprise attack. Of course, I can’t forget about his carefree laugh. Hearing his laugh shoots lightning bolts through me. Soon I would be reunited with his beauty and grace, at last.

My daydreaming was interrupted by Janet whispering a little too disappointedly, “ I don’t think I’ve spotted him yet. That’s strange because, usually I’d notice my own son in a crowd of a million people.”

“Oh, honey,” Stephen told his now doubtful wife, “He’s probably stuck in the back part of the train. You see all these soldiers coming home. He’ll show up sooner then later, Janet. Don’tcha worry now, alright?”

As they kept bickering on behind me, I started to feel a wave of doubts myself. What if something happened? What if he had to stay over there in Afghanistan for another two and a half years? How would I be able to live with that? He would of called me if the plans changed, though. What if something worse happened to him? What if he wasn’t coming home at all? What if he was-

A short gasp escaped Janet’s mouth as she made out her son’s face coming down the train’s stairway. In that very moment, all my absurd doubts washed away and I found myself smiling(which i haven’t done in about two and a half years). Then, I found myself rushing to meet his awaiting arms. I bumped into an old lady who looked like she might have a heart attack from the impact. I pushed pass a little girl who was twirling around with a daisy in her hand singing about her father’s arrival. Suddenly, I was tackling my husband in what seemed like a flying choke hold.

He staggered two steps backwards but, caught me with his arms wrapping around my waist. An older couple besides us let out a silent heave while, a younger couple in front of us let out some awe’s. Whatever people’s expressions were to my reaction were not important to me at that special moment though. I just couldn’t believe he was in my arms. All the dreams I’ve had the past two and a half years were about this, having him breath against my own flesh. Now, it was like my dreams and hopes came true because, it was finally happening.

I whispered into his ear, “God, tell me I’m not dreaming. If I am, please never wake me up.”

He gave a heart felt chuckle and softly spoke into my neck, “My sweet, sweet love, your not in a dream. I’m here. I’m here, baby”

That’s when I found myself crying into his shoulder. I promised myself the whole ride here that (UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES) I would not cry. I failed at trying to keep that promise but, who cares. My husband was back in my arms. He was trying to calm me down and telling me things like, “Don’t cry, love,” or, “It’s okay, Rosalynn.” I just get a bit over dramatic sometimes.

When I finally calmed down enough to see clearly, Janet and Stephen came over. Janet gave him a huge mother-to-son hug and Stephen patted him on the back in a semi-hug. They started talking about how he looked much more intelligent. I took that time to look him over. His hair was cut like those army guys you see in movies. Although he looks better in long, shaggy hair, he looked extremely smoking. Plus, it wasn’t super short. It was just right. His body was more trained but, still looked the same as before(not that there’s anything wrong about that). He wore an army suit that had his name sewed into the left side of his chest. McCoy. Arthur McCoy. My beloved husband till eternity.

I guess I was zoned out because, he came over to where I stood and took my hands in his. Then, ever so gently, leaned over a kissed my bare lips. It was a quick but, passionate kiss that I’d never forget. When he released my throbbing lips, he smiled and said, “I’ve missed you so much, Rose. You don’t even know the lost feeling I felt when I was without you. I couldn’t get you out of my head. You kept invading my mind with your gracious self. After the first year without you, I realized how much my life would suck if you weren’t my wife. I’d be a soulless person. I’ve told you many times that I loved you and I’ve meant it every single time. But now,” he paused and looked deeper into my bright green eyes, ”Now, it’s like a different perspective for me. And I just want to tell you for the billionth time, and this is coming from deep inside me Rosalynn, I love you.”

“Oh, Arthur! I love you, too! I haven't been me without you by me. It was like you took my heart and just everything along with you to that place. Please, PLEASE, never leave me like that again, babe.” I let a few tears escape my eyes before I got on my tippy-toes and kissed him. Janet and Stephen also shared their love by a small kiss.

It hit me at that sweet moment. I wanted Arthur in my life forever because, without him I really was nobody. So, as we all sauntered over to the busy parking lot, I silently pleaded to God and everything else in my world to let us be together till eternity. . . and maybe even after that, too.

The author's comments:
I really like this piece I wrote because, it's more of the romantic/deep to the heart type of story. I hope all of you like this :D!

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