The Sky has fallen...On me

May 4, 2012
The sun comes up as my cell phone buzzes in my ear. My eyes open to see golden stripes lining my room with colorful life. The thought of angels on a beach in the Caribbean sipping coconut milk without a care in the world. I roll over and try to shake the fact that I have to go to school. The sheets that once hugged my body are thrown aside as I stand up on the sleek grey carpet. My lazy arm reaches out and pulls the dresser draw back slowly. At this point, my eyes are used to the light and my mind is starting to wonder. Thoughts of high school and fear of myths and tales of getting lost.
My sibling, who has finished high school, gives me some good advice. “Don’t use the left hallway after lunch, it gets crowded.” he says. As I start to wonder in my mind. I am not paying attention and he can tell that I’m not interested, so he gives me one last word of advice, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take (Wayne Gretzky). Don’t be that kid who doesn’t try to achieve, you won’t get anywhere.” He shakes my hand and whishes me luck on my first day.

I take out my cell phone to check the time, 6:05. Who would wake up at this time voluntarily? Then I take a second to think. People have to work to keep food on their table. People who have a family to care for. I don’t have to worry about much, except the girl I like.
Her name is Mary Weather Sky and god is she beautiful. Her eyes are a deep brown that resemble chocolate in every way imaginable. Her hair is brown, but she has lighter shades of brown mixed in creating feeling of good personality. Her smile is brighter than the sun itself, and her teeth are whiter than Santa’s beard. Whenever our eyes meet, I look away and blush a bright red. My heart tells me I have to tell her how I feel, but my stomach says otherwise.
I play football, now you would think that I have a lot of guts rite? Wrong. I have no guts what so ever when it comes to dealing with love. I’m not good at all this romantic bull, Im good at sports. What should I do? Should I just move on? NO! I can’t pass up this kind of opportunity. If I really do believe at love at first sight, then ill grow a pair and talk to her. Or just cry silently in the bathroom.

The first day of school should be typical. Nothing special would ever happen on the first day like the fights and drug busts I was promised. Still, life goes on through its still only 7am. I can’t help but notice all the frost on the windows and grass. Then I realize that I’ve never been up this early to see it. Yet I understand that I will be watching it a lot the next four years of my life.
7:20 only ten minutes before the first bell. All my friends are slowly creeping into our crowd. We’re all just standing in the main hallway, laughing and cracking jokes. To out left are the classrooms and lockers, while on the right is the cafeteria. Behind us is the gym and auditorium. Were literally standing in the middle of the whole school. My head turns to my left to give my friend a nice joke high five when I see her. Mary Weather Sky walking through the door. Her hair is straighter than a line and the sun is being reflected off of her making the affect only an angel should have. Our eyes meet for a brief moment and she is gone in the crowd of the school. My friend looks at me like I just saw someone get shot. “ Dude, you ight?” he says trying to make sure im ok. “Tell that kid with the arrows to leave me alone.” I say back with a straight face. He punches me in the shoulder and shakes his head. I can’t tell what he is thinking, but I really want to know.
I move away from my crowed and try to find the angel that has fallen from the sky. I laugh at the thought because her last name is Sky. I shake the thought and keep on searching until I find her. Eventually I find her, crouching at her locker, talking to some friends. As I go to walk over she turns her head towards me and I walk in the complete other direction. Then I remember what my brother told me “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” I stop in the doorway separating junior from freshman territory. I tell myself I’ll do it eventually. I take another look back and she’s gone.
Now its Wednesday and I still haven’t talked to her. I need to do this. I haven’t been happy in a while. My wants and needs are completely compromised. I feel like asking her out is a need, not a want. My mind is so set on her that I lose sight of everything else around me. My school work is imposable to stay focused on because she’s in my mind all the time. I can’t help but feel like she’s the one.

How can I possibly talk to her? She’s way out of my league. NO, I have to stop saying that. The thought that she will think I’m weird or annoying makes me depressed and nervous. Ok here’s the plan. First I’ll talk to her… that’s pretty much all I got for now. But what if she rejects me hard? How will I handle it? I like her so much that its turning my life into a total mess. Tell me please, what should I do?
Its Thursday, D-day for me. I’m going to talk to her. I get off the bus with a spring in my step. Why am I so exited? The power of love I assume. I walk fast into the school and knock over two blonde girls to get in before them. I walk to the left towards her locker. I can’t do this, I’m dripping in sweat and breathing heavily. I turn the corner and there she is. Standing all alone with her beautiful light brown hair, begging to be talked to. I walk extra slow. As I approach her, a smile comes across her face. “I’m Robbie Jones, what’s your name?” Have I pushed the question to hard? Will she think I’m a creep? “I’m Mary Weather Sky, nice to meet you.” Her voice sounds like angels in a church. “You’re cute.” Why did I say that?!? Was it too soon? Will she think im weird? “Thanks, you’re not too bad yourself.” Come again? Did she just call me cute? WAHOO. I feel like jumping in the air, but that would be uncool. So I just stand there and blush. We talk and talk until the bell rings, I’ve learned so much about her.
I walk down the hall a new man. A new happier man. Nothing can scare me now. I remember what my brother told me. Then I whip out my phone and text him a thank you. “ Your my new doctor Phill.” Always strive for what you want, the worst that can be is not as bad as you think.

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Zombiekityy said...
May 11, 2012 at 10:53 am
Are you a man or a woman?
Zombiekityy replied...
May 11, 2012 at 10:55 am
Ok, that sounded awkward. I meant, if you are a girl, I have some tips about your writing. If your a guy, I have tips too. But different tips. Depends on the gender.
Zombiekityy replied...
May 11, 2012 at 11:13 am
I've determined you are a man. So, my tips for you are: 1.) never compare a woman's teeth to Santa's beard in real life. 2.) Try using smaller paragraphs? Maybe? And 3.) you are a fabulous author. Write a book.
Laxfender replied...
May 11, 2012 at 7:27 pm

Thanks Zombiekitty, and I am a guy lol... Im working on a novel now, but its gana take a little time, I want it to be flawless... Its about a non popular girl and her struggles she encounters day to day.

 Thanks again for the tips

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