Visions of the Past

April 26, 2012
By TayyTay1 BRONZE, Mahomet, Illinois
TayyTay1 BRONZE, Mahomet, Illinois
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Just like how Romeo first saw Juliet, he first laid his eyes on her and knew she was 'the one'. Even though he had just graduated kindergarten, he just knew. His mom had taken him to the pool, and he saw this girl who was eating her strawberry ice cream cone.

She looked over and saw this boy with the cutest dimples and brown curly hair. She smiled and waved shyly at the boy. He just smiled back at her.

On the first day back at Montrary High School, now a senior, he saw a girl that looked like 'his' girl that he saw at the pool so many years ago. Her blonde hair went straight down her back which curled at the end. She was holding her books close to her and was looking around like she was lost in an airport.

Switching high schools had been very tough after already having attended two years at a private high school. Looking at the mixed up school map, she couldn't figure out how to get to her AP Biology class. Just then, a distantly familiar looking boy with the cutest dimples and brown curly hair came up to her and said "Do you like strawberry ice cream? I know this place at the Hillshire pool that serves the best ice cream." And with that, their whole life changed.

The author's comments:
In my writing class, our goal for a story we wrote would be to capture a 'big idea small'. Our story was to expand over time, including one or two characters. My first thought was 'What else to write than a romance between two kids growing up?' And that is how this story developed. Hope you enjoy!

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