The Night You Didn't Look Back

April 22, 2012
By Anonymous

It hurt. You hurt me so badly that night. That night when we danced with the thunder of bass. That night when we danced under the stars. You wrapped around me like a second skin. You provided a warmth that filled me from my core. I fed off of it, and in return I gave it that moment. That one song that seemed to make all of the difference.
My black dress held me tight, but you held me tighter. We twisted and weaved through the crowds, while staying in tempo. My legs were becoming sore and tired, but your name licked at my lips and forced me to go on.
Though the music changed, our Devil's dance did not. We were cheek to cheek and skin to skin. Our hands gripped one another and guided us through the dark. There were only pulsing lights to show us the way.
I had shut my eyes and let you carry me through the crowd. I felt each step and each movement you made before you made them. Our hips never seemed to seperate. The music still thundered and the lights still flashed, but now there was only you and me. With my eyes closed, everyone else vanished yet you remained still and passionate.
And then you were done. The crowd swallowed you up as you ran. The sound of my heart breaking was audible. I shielded my face and slipped out to of the back exit. And this time, I didn't look back.

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