Falling... Part 2

April 21, 2012
By hazardous SILVER, Portland, Oregon
hazardous SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.

How it ended…

It’s been four months since Jeydon and I have been going out. These past four months have been the time of my life! We had a lot of fun together and went to places like Belmont Park. He made my heart melt whenever he was near. But, what I didn’t know was that all of that time together was a complete waste of time. My world would slowly start to crumble…

There’s a party tonight, and everyone that is important will be there. I was sitting on my bed waiting for Jeydon to come and pick me up. I was putting on some finishing touches when he drove up the driveway and honked his horn. “Hey Kelsey, don’t you look hot tonight!” he said with a big grin on his face. I smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek. I put my seatbelt on and he drove away, away from the house where I should be. Being in that house would have saved me pain, but I guess everything happens for a reason… We drove in silence for the next five minutes. When he turned off the engine, I got out of the car and grabbed his hand. I started to walk towards the entrance when he stopped me. “Kelsey? Can I tell you something bbeforewe go in?” Oh god, here we go… He wants to break up with me… I thought. “I... Well I love you…” He looked down at the ground shyly, waiting for my reply. My heart jumped with excitement. He loved me… He wanted me, not some other girl. He made feel like I was special, that I was one of the most beautiful girls in the world! I hugged him tightly, surprising him. “I love you too”, I whispered into his ear. I smiled big, and he bent forward and kissed me. I pulled away from him and led him to the front door. We walked in and were greeted right away by people putting drinks into our hands. I took a generous gulp, feeling the dryness of the alcohol hitting my throat. I let go of Jeydon’s hand and started to walk out to the back where there were less people. I pushed my way through sweaty bodies, trying not to touch them. A couple guys were over by the pool table, drunk most likely. One of the guys was knocked into me, causing my drink to spill all over myself. “What the h*ll is your problem?!” I yelled at him. He grinned stupidly and put his sweaty arm around me. “I can get yah another one!” he said, booze smelling breath filling my nose. “Uh, no thanks I can get it myself!” I pushed his arm off me and headed through the same sweaty bodies. I made it to the drink table where a bunch of Jeydon’s friends were. I threw my empty cup away and headed towards the crowd of guys. “Hey it’s Kelsey!” a guy named Derek said loudly. “Here’s another cup for you!” he handed me a cup and rather than having it spill on me again, I chugged it, feeling a bit light headed. “Hey, can I show you something?” he asked me. I threw my second cup away, and followed him to the back of the house. We walked into a girl’s room that was covered from top to bottom in pink. I felt a bit strange, the room spinning around me. I started to walk towards him and ended up tripping over my feet. I fell on the bed, thank goodness, and started laughing hysterically. What’s wrong with me? I thought. Derek came over to me grinning evilly. He pulled me up towards him, and kissed me hard, making it difficult to pull away. He took his mouth off mine and stared at me. “I always did like you, Jeydon even knew. He was my best friend and he took you bbeforeI even got the chance…” I pushed him away heading towards the door. He didn’t follow me, which made it easier to get away. I made it outside, noticing a couple in the pool. I looked at them carefully, wondering who it was. There was a girl that was blonde, and a guy that had light brown hair. The blonde saw me and her happy expression turned to something more…evil. The guy noticed her facial expression and turned around to see what she was staring at. He saw me, and looked guilty. He got out of the pool and headed toward me. My whole world was crumbling down, not all at once, but bit by bit. Tears filled my eyes, but I didn’t dare let them fall. “You’re such a god d*mn jerk!” I screamed at him. He flinched, noticing the pain in my eyes. “You’re a liar and a good one too! You sure did have me fooled.” I started to walk away but he grabbed my arm. “But I love you…” I glared at him pulling my arm away from him. “What, am I not good enough? You said you would catch me if I fell for you, you said you wouldn’t break my heart. I trusted you! You don’t love me. If you did you wouldn’t be in that pool half naked kissing that fake blonde. If you loved me I wouldn’t be here screaming at the top of my lungs at you! If you loved me, you would’ve caught me and never broke my heart… I. Hate. You! Have a nice life Jeydon.” I walked away with my broken heart, and tears streaming down my face.

I walked home that night. Thank goodness I didn’t live that far from the party. That night I learned the hard way. Even if he says he’ll never break your heart, or that he’ll catch you if you fall for him, he might be lying. How can you tell if he’s lying? Well, that’s up to you to find out…

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