The last exhale...

April 22, 2012
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In her arms he lay..
Breathing heavily..
She wiped his tears and kissed his head gently..
"Its going to be okay'll be okay"
She whispered in his ear..
"I love you baby, I always have and always did..never forget that" she told him slowly..
She looked into his eyes and knew he understood..
He got up..
Or at least he tried..but she held him down and told him "not just yet baby.."
Just as the doctor walked in and informed them otherwise..
There was only a few minutes left..
And she'll never see him again..ever..
She cried, begged and pleaded...she told the doctor to find a way and give them more time..even though she knew no matter how much time they had in the would never be enough
But he just shook his head sadly and walked away..

He got up this time..
And held her in his his tears fell
He said "I love you more baby..I always have and always will"
He kissed her head and put his hand on her heart..
He closed his eyes..and so did she..
Her heartbeats froze..she was so scared..
so scared...
She's going to loose him..forever..
He kissed her one last time..she kissed his soft lips back..
She put her hand on his heart and said "here is where ill always be..with you..with every heartbeat ill always be here"
And the last exhale..
She died

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CJK0298 said...
Apr. 26, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Oh my gosh, that was amazing!!! Really good job! Made me want to cry(:


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