Shifting Love

April 20, 2012
By DarkPanther BRONZE, Belding, Michigan
DarkPanther BRONZE, Belding, Michigan
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I made my way down the hall of the old apartment complex, taking in the rat carcasses, broken beer bottles and discarded junk that was strewn across the floor. I opened my senses to try and scent out the vampire I was hunting. I knew from his picture that his hair was a long, dark wave; his face was roundish, almost boyish in a way so unlike the sharpness that appears commonly among his race. His eyes would be dark red, with black framing the irises and of course his needle like fangs would be out, quick to find my end. His profile said his name is Ethan Fampir. He’s the last living (so to speak) heir to the Fampir family, but that was a fact he himself didn’t even know. I had to find him not only to keep him out of trouble, but to try and preserve his lineage, without an heir the other families in the counsel would try to take over. The Fampir family had been ruling the vampire race for over a millennium with a certain peace with the humans. Basically if you don’t kill us we won’t kill you. But the other families didn’t like that they had to live in the shadows among the humans, and if the Fampir line was to end, so would the peace with the humans, and that’s one thing I cannot allow.

I was about to give up and try another building when the scent hit me, that sickly sweet smell that can only be associated with the vampire. I started to shift into my animal form, a sleek black panther. My onyx hair retracted to my skull then spread down my body, my ears shifted up and rounded to small circles on my head, twitching at every sound and my body twisted and formed into that of the powerful jungle cat. I held back and instinctive roar as my paws hit the floor with a muffled thump. My ears caught the soft sound of feet shuffling about on the floor above me and I took off up the stairs. I half ran half jumped up the stairs; my paws barely touching the surface of the steps. When I came to the door I could hear him breathing, and I knew that he could sense I was there. Before I could miss my chance I broke down the door and made my way toward Ethan’s tall figure.

I could see the fight in his eyes as I lunged at him, being careful not to harm him too much, afraid I might kill him if I didn’t pay attention. He obviously sensed my hesitation and went for an opening, soon I found myself pinned to the floor. He flashed me a fanged smile before he growled in my ear, “Show me your true form shifter”

I smiled to myself and started shifting back into my human form, fur turned back into the onyx curtain, arms and legs appeared and my eyes slowly returned to normal. I had to blink a few times to get used to the lack of light. His face seemed to soften a bit as mine came into view and that confused me, I mean I was used to getting stared at, at school or otherwise, but no o ne had ever looked at me like that before. I shook my head and smashed the heel of my hand into his chin and sent him flying backward.
“There, happy, I showed you my true form now pick yourself up off the floor and grab your stuff” I all but yelled as he tried to pick himself up off the littered floor.
“Who the heck are you?” he says angrily his eyes flashing crimson.
I smirked and flashed my Protectors badge “Allyson Pardus, from the Protectors agency, I’m here to take you some where safe” I said stretching my arms over my head.
“You just hit me in the face, and you’re supposed to be protecting me?” he scoffed
“One, I could have done worse, two, count yourself lucky you’re still awake and three, shut the heck up and get your stuff, we have to get moving we could be under surveillance”
“Fine, but next time you hit me, don’t expect me to just let you do it” he said and I nodded, amused.

I waited for him to get what little stuff he had around, and noticed his quick glances my way as though he thought I would leave at any moment. I smiled to myself, watching him throw his clothes into a duffle bag, and then he turned to me. “So why do I need protecting?” he asked, looking almost childlike, his eyes wide with an unknown fear.

My heart gave a squeeze and I tried to smile “The director will fill you in, don’t worry, you’re fine”

He nodded with trust in his eyes as he headed toward the door. I sighed softly and followed him out. Now we just had to make it from here to the base without any trouble and I would be home free. As we walked down the stairs I kept my senses open. I was on edge, waiting for an attack. As we reached the main floor, I looked at Ethan.
“Ready?” I asked looking into those red eyes.
He smiled “As ready as I’ll ever be” he said and I swear those red eyes flashed blue for an instant.

I shook my head and walked out the door, keeping an eye on every person on the street, as we made our way to the car. When we came upon the black Sedan, I sighed in relief, we had made it with little trouble. We got in the car and relaxed for just a moment until the hum of the engine broke the silence.
“So why did they send you?” he asked, sounding skeptical.
I shot him a glare and huffed “They sent me because I’m the best, and as you could tell from the bruise on your jaw, I can take on anyone”
He snorted and stayed quiet for the rest of the trip. As we came upon the Protectors building, I smiled to myself, happy to be back to my safe home.
“Once we get to the director’s office, just keep your mouth shut and listen to everything she has to say, got it?”
He nodded and smiled at me “yes ma’am”. I chuckled and parked the car.

It was a ten minute walk from the parking garage to the director’s office, and that time seemed to drag by as our shoes slapped down the tiled corridor. When we got to her big oak door I opened it and let him pass before following and closing the door with a thunk.

I waited off to the side and let the director shake Ethan’s hand. The director was almost 50 but she didn’t look it, she had long blond hair that waved down her shoulders, a kind smile that could instantly change into a sneer of hate, and sharp blue eyes, that turned to ice when she was angry.
“It’s very nice to meet you Ethan” she said, sounding rather loud.
“You as well” he said softly, head bowed.
I could see a sense of respect in the way he watched and listen to the director as she explained his heritage and what it meant to be a Fampir, he seemed a bit taken aback by the fact but he accepted his responsibility without hesitation.
“Allyson here will be your bodyguard so to say, she’ll stay with you in our living quarters and accompany you when you travel, is that okay with you?” she asked, but I knew it wouldn’t matter what his answer was, I’d be his bodyguard either way.
”Yes, it’s perfectly fine” he flashed me a smile that made my heart stop for a moment.
I shook off the feeling and nodded at the director, giving her my two finger salute before escorting Ethan out the door.
“Soooo?” I said, wanting to know what was on his mind.
“It’s a lot to take in, but I’m doing good, considering” he winked at me and I felt my cheeks flare.
“That’s good, I’m glad you’re doing okay” I smiled and walked him to our room. “Home sweet home” I mumbled and unlocked the door.

As I opened the door I ended up tripping on my own feet and went crashing to the floor. Limbs met with wood and I saw stars as my head crashed into the floor. I could vaguely hear Ethan’s voice asking me if I was okay, but I found my mind distracted by the stars that fluttered across my vision.
I shook my head as the stars dissipated and tried to focus on Ethan’s face above me. Every line on his face screamed concern for me, and it made my stomach jump. He smiled at me as I started to sit up. “Just be careful okay, you might get light headed” he said softly as I rolled my eyes.
“I’m fine” I growled, I couldn’t believe I had been thwarted by my own feet.
“I was just saying..” he said as I stood up, I instantly felt horrid as I saw the hurt in his eyes.
“I know I’m just not used to being helped is all” I said, smiling at him.
“That’s not a good thing you know” his voice still sounded hurt but I could tell I was forgiven.

I shrugged and started walking toward what would be his room. As I reached for the handle his hand caught mine as he turned me to face him. My eyes went wide as I saw the emotions in his eyes. How could he feel this way after just a few hours? Then again how could I?

As our lips met, it was almost as if someone had set fire to my soul. This kiss so soft and tender couldn’t have sparked this feeling could it? There was no doubt that it had, but I still wasn’t prepared for the feelings that flooded through me as we broke apart. Part of me longed for him as the other half wanted nothing more than to pull away and push him out of my life.

His cheeks were flushed as he smiled at me “don’t hit me” he said quietly.

I couldn’t help but to laugh “Why would I hit you?” I asked, watching him smile in relief

“I don’t know, just thought I’d say something” he chuckled, smirking slightly.

I didn’t understand the feelings I had for Ethan, and I certainly didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew that if I trusted myself I would be fine.

“Looks like this is the beginning of something special” I said softly, willing him to hear. He didn’t say anything; all he did was smile and hug me to him tight.

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