Love at first sight <3

April 19, 2012
By Music_Lover004 BRONZE, Rocky Point, North Carolina
Music_Lover004 BRONZE, Rocky Point, North Carolina
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Dr. Seuss

Once upon a time there was a princess that lived in a castle up on a hill,
every day the princess would sit in her room and do her hair and make up,
the princess never got to leave and she would think "My oh my will I ever
be happy?" Then one day when her mother was at a meeting the princess snuck
past the guard and went into the forest were there was a handsome man cutting
trees down, she quickly hid but he still saw her. He sweetly said "Oh beautiful
princess don't hid, come out I won't tell" She slowly came out from behind a tree
as soon as she saw him she fell in love. They talked for hours they talked about
her life and his. They got so caught up in talking they last track of time.
Then the princess saw the sun setting and said " I must go before the notice
I am gone" as the princess got up to leave the man grabbed her hand and said
"Please meet me back her tonight, please. The princess quickly replied " I will."
then took off. That night about 11"30 pm the princess snuck out of her window and
ran to the woods. The man was waiting for her he jumped up and ran to her and said.
"Oh beautiful i thought you weren't coming I am so glad to see you" Before she could
reply she heard "Princess Lilly were are you Princess Lilly?" The princess quickly
grabbed the man and ran back to the castle, as she stood in front of her mother and
father. She explained that she was deeply in love. They didn't object they just said
okay and smiled. Now the princess and her prince live happily ever after <3

The author's comments:
This is not my best work, I wrote it in about 15 minutes for my teacher. He told me it was good so yea I entered it on her.

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