The last goodbye

April 13, 2012
By Winterchick BRONZE, Wellington, Other
Winterchick BRONZE, Wellington, Other
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I let out a soft sigh plopping myself down on the wooden front porch steps resting my chin on my balled fists. The only thing I can see for miles ahead is acres and acres of half trimmed grassy paddocks. Our horses run freely through them without a care I watch them unfazed the hot UV rays soaking into my pores send a slight burning sensation through my cheeks. I close my eyes feeling salty tears escape from under my eye lashes I let my imagination run slightly wild “hey” I open my eyes glancing as Tom fills the absent space beside me his bronze skin glowing in the sun.
The sun creates an illusion of a halo on the top of his shaggy sandy brown hair “hey” I reply back a smile forcing its way on my lips. Straighten up I stretch my legs out in front of me the grass tickling my bare toes. “I’ve missed you” his voice is quieter this time as he reaches for my hand twisting his fingers in mine and stroking his thumb across the back of my hand. “I’ve missed you to, more than anything tom i am so sorry about what happened I wish I had stopped you” my voice trails off my throat tightening. Tom shakes his head sadly dismissing it with a sad smile “it’s all part of our past now Bree I forgive you”.
A warm glow starts in my chest and for the first time I truly know he has forgiven me. He leans forward kissing me softly I close my eyes storing the memory of what his lips felt like agaisnt mine deep in my mind. “I love you Bree” he tucks a loose blond curl behind my ear but being stubborn like its owner it refuses to stay behind my ear and springs back beside my face. Tom grins my favourite crooked grin and for a moment everything feels normal “I love you too Tom”.
Sadness fills his eyes and his smile slowly fades as he stands up stuffing his hands in his pockets. “Where are you going?” I ask innocently sounding small and childlike “it’s time for me to go” I can see that he is tired and weary I nod crossing my arms over my chest and blinking back the tears that had started to form in my eyes. He gives me one last smile before he turns on his heels and walks down the grassy path halfway he turns lifting his hand in a small wave I lift mine giving a small wave back as his image fades into nothing
I open my eyes to the sound of a door opening and turn to see mum standing their looking at me with a sympathetic smile. I throw one last glance ahead of me searching the paddocks almost desperately for a glimpse of Tom but am left empty handed. I turn back to mum and she nods I stand up dusting myself off and making my way inside yesterday’s headline catches my eyes ‘local boy Thomas Adamson killed in a car crash”. Whipping the salty trails off my cheeks I manage to smile through my tears I knew he was at peace now.

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