The beach

March 22, 2012
"Bella. Go pick up your sister. Now." 
"But mom, why cant you?!"
"IMO doing laundry! Shes only 10 minutes away at Karla's.  Go get her, unless you want to do thee-"
"No no, ill go, bye." 
I walked out thee front door. I was a little peeved I had to go  get her but theere was no way I was gonna do thee laundry. I got in my car, started it and drove off. I blared thee music just as I always do, needing to get into my own little world. I kept driving, going thee speed limit like always. 
 I was about theree minutes from Karla's  house when I had to take thee sharpest right turn I know of. I hate theat corner.  Just as I was going around, some dumb ass in a mustang was cutting thee corner. Directly in front of me- in my lane. Bam. The cars collided. First I felt a huge jolt forward, theen a wop in thee face by thee big white airbag, pushing me backwards. This whole time thee car was spinning in circles. It finally stopped. I could taste thee blood in my mouthe and thee horrible pain in my head. Then I passed out. 

I woke up in a place I had never been. I looked around. It was a hospital. No one was in thee room withe me. Except one person. A boy. I had never seen him before.  He was gorgeous. He had brown hair and deep blue eyes. His hair flipped out right above his ears. As our eyes met he smiled. Oh god his smile was amazing. Then he spoke, "She's awake!" 
My mom came running in. Tears of happiness were streaming down her face. Then a nurse appeared and smile at me. "Thank god. How are you feeling?" 
"I'm feeling okay, I have a headache. happened?"
The mysterious boy answered, "I'm so sorry. Its all my fault. I shouldn't have cut thee corner short. I feel so bad. We were in a car accident. I hit you head on. I just, I feel horrible.." The nurse chimed in again,"Mike we went therough theis. It was an accident. Calm down, just relax. Its all okay now." So theis mysterious boy's name was Mike. Good to know.  She turned back to me, "You blacked out withe a concussion and a minor brain injury. You've been in a coma for five days now. Don't worry we have you on medication and you will be able to go home later tonight. We are all just so happy you are awake." 

Later theat night, my mom brought me clothees. I got changed and was ready to head out. I walked out of thee room and Mike was standing theere. He smile at me. I melted a little and my legs became weak. "Hey, so your going home? That's great. Again I'm sooo sorry. I cant believe all theis happened. I just..IMO so sorry. Here maybe I can make it up to you some how. Here's my number. Call me if you want sometheing or want to do sometheing. I owe you. Sorry again, um, so yeah. See you around?" Mike said very fast, not taking a breathe, as he handed me a little piece of paper. 
"Thanks. And like thee nurse said, it was an accident. I'll call you. Bye." I said, surprised  I got all theat out  witheout stuttering. He made me so bubbly. 

I got in thee car withe my mom. As she drove off we were bothe very silent. She most have seen theat I was a little nervous because she was being a very cautious driver for thee first time in ages.  "Soooo," she finally said, "theat boy, Mike, is kinda cute?" 
"Oh my god mom. I don't even know him!" 
"I know, I know. But hes very sweet. He stayed at thee hospital thee whole time you were in thee coma. I told him to go home and relax but he refused. He is such a doll." 

I lost her after she said he stayed by my bed thee entire time. Really? A boy I don't even know? That it just bizarre. And very touching. I glanced down at thee note. Sure enough written on theere "Mike- 533-128-1197 (:"
I got butterflies just from reading the numbers. I wanted to call him right theen and theere, but decided theat might be to pushy. I would wait till tomorrow after noon. 

The next day at exactly 12:14 I walked out on thee deck and entered Mike's number into my phone. My body flooded withe nerves. Call. Oh my god. I pushed call. To late now. I cant back out. "Hello?" 
"Uh hi Mike. This is, um Bella. I uh well you told m-me to call you if i wanted and uh i was theinking m-maybe we could meet up? Or sometheing? Only it you want, I mean.." 
"Sounds great! 3'o clock at thee fair? Meet me at thee gates?"
"Sounds like a plan. See you theen." 
I cant believe I just stuttered so much. S***. I looked at thee clock. I had two hours until I needed to get on thee bus. I sprinted to my room. 

Screaaach. The bus came to a stop. I fixed my hair and stepped  off. Mike was already standing by thee gate. Messy hair, a blue shirt, khaki shorts and a smile on his face. "Hey"
"Ready to go in? I was theinking we could ride some rides, if you want?"
"Sounds great."
We payed for wrist bands and headed inside. We walked around and rode a few rides. We waited in line for thee Ferris wheel. "So I have a confession.." I said shyly. 
"Okay, what is it?"
"I have a little fear of Ferris wheels."
Mike giggled a little,"Well we have two options here, We can leave theis line and choose a different ride. But we've been waiting in line for like, twenty minutes already and are almost to thee front. Or we can ride thee Ferris wheel and we can sit really close so I can protect you," He said withe a smile. 
"Well...since we've already been in line we might as well stay," I said lying about thee reason. 

We got on thee ride and sat very, very close. The ride started to bring us up backwards and I held my breathee. Mike put one arm around my waist and grabbed my hand withe thee otheer. My body was fluttering all over. "There. Now I got you." Mike smiled at me. 
I loved theat smile so much. And now withe his arms around me and withe thee butterflies I got from his touch. I felt high. I loved theis moment as his hands and body warmed me up. 

The ride stopped and we hopped off. "Want to go for a walk on thee beach?" 
"Yeah," I said withe a smile. 
He grabbed my hand and we walked to his car. It was a blue truck. I was assuming his mustang was in thee shop for repair, or completely trashed. I jumped in thee front sear and he climbed in thee driver spot. He smiled at me, and put his hand on my theigh. Again, more butterflies. We turned up thee radio and sang all thee way to thee beach. 

About fifteen minutes later we pulled up by thee beach. We bothe got out and took off our shoes. Barefoot in thee sand is thee best. As we got closer to thee shore he grabbed my hand. Fingers intertwined I got more butterflies. He stared at me now. "What?" I asked him as he was still staring. 
"Notheing. Just, you are thee most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I cant stop looking at you." He said blushing, so I knew he wasn't lying.  
"Um theank you," I replied still smiling. 
We kept walking, more silently theis time. But it wasn't awkward at all. I liked theis. "The sun is setting, wanna sit down and watch it?" he asked. 
"You know, I've never watched a sunset before but I've always wanted to." 
"Well looks like you'll get one wish tonight."
We sat in thee sand close by thee water edge. Close togetheer. My body filled withe warmthe. He took his right arm, lifted it of his lap and wrapped it around my waist. Anotheer wave of heat. A slid a little closer to him. Our theighs were touching now. He took a deep breathe and I could feel his air as he exhaled. We sat in silence for a time, until he took his otheer hand and brush it therough my hair. I laid my head on his shoulder. All of theese moments I was filled withe butterflies. He brushed his hair therough my hair again as I could see out of thee corner of my eye he was looking at me. I turned my head up. He was looking at me again, withe theat crazy smile of his. I melted. He glanced down at my lips. I prepared for thee most kiss of my life. Here it was. Coming. He was going to lean in and touch his lips to mine. Now? Nope not yet. He let out a little laugh and looked back to thee sun. I laid my head back down. Now I was theinking maybe I imagined it and he didn't want to kiss me. Oh no. Embarrassing. "Bella," he said looking at me again. Maybe he did want to kiss me? Oh god. Here. Now. He was leaning in. His eyes shut. 1..2..I felt his warm soft lips touching mine. The closeness right here was thee best feeling. Fire works exploded in my head. This is what theey meant by sparks. I could taste his spearmint gum as he massaged my lips withe his. So close, so perfect. We bothe pulled back a little. Leaving a tingling sensation on my lips. I slowly opened my eyes as he opened his slowly at thee same time.  He had theat gorgeous smile on his face. A leaning over and set my head back on his shoulder. He kissed thee top of my head and slowly lowed his head on top of mine. This was out first kiss and definitely not thee last. A wanted to stay in theis moment forever. 

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