The Heart wants what the Heart wants

March 21, 2012
By StelaDalca GOLD, Allen, Texas
StelaDalca GOLD, Allen, Texas
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I thought I loved you, I thought those kisses were real, apparently there were a lot of this that I thought but they were just a joke to you. All those Valentines that were sent but never really meant, they were just a joke. Now only one of us can be heart broken, and if it isn’t you then the only one left is me. I still like you, I still love you, and the heart wants what the heart wants even what the brain says it can’t have. Because I know the truth, I know what you did, yet my heart still reaches for you. I threw away everything that I had that was yours, the first thing to go was my bracelet, I loved that bracelet, now it is gone. But I don’t care your name was on it, in a heart, right next to mine. My heart still yearns for you, I’m trying to ignore it, the perfectness of your skin, the perfectness of your crystal blue eyes, and the touch of your hand brushing against my face before your lips touched mine. No, I don’t want you during times like these you listen to your brain and leave the heart be. I’m ignoring everything about you now, that bracelet just lies in the grass at the park where I saw you with her, the other girl. I wonder if she knows, maybe I should tell her just to make you mad. I don’t care what you feel now, I’ve moved on, but the heart wants what the heart wants even I can’t stop it.

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