March 13, 2012
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Bright sunlight shone through my glass doors as I breathed in the familiar cool breeze from the ocean. It traveled through my throat to my lungs like water did. It was thick and sent a warm feeling in my chest. This was home for me. With a half-smile I sat up straight in my bed and waited for it. My eyes began to water and soon tears spilled, rolling down my cheeks. I looked over to my bedside table and felt my heart squeeze at the sight of his picture. I reached for it and walked out to my balcony as memories played like a movie that couldn’t be stopped.

“Do you love me?” I could still hear his voice like an echo when he asked me as we sat in the sand watching the sunrise.

“Yes. Always have, and always will. For as long as—“ His lips had cut me off.

Unconsciously with my eyes closed, I lifted my finger to trace my lips, feeling the warmth of his lips against mine like if it was only a few seconds ago that he’d kissed me. I could feel his arms wound around my waist as he hugged me tightly against his body. Slowly I opened my eyes to see a multi colored butterfly fly out of my room. With confused eyes, I watched it float in the air higher and higher above in the sky and then disappear with a strike of white light. I smiled through tears when I realized he had actually been here with me.

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