I hate the way, i love the way

March 2, 2012
By ginger1993 GOLD, Colorado Springs, Colorado
ginger1993 GOLD, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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I hate the way you make me laugh,
I hate the way you make me cry,
I hate the way you refuse to say goodbye.
I hate the way you don’t text back right away.
I hate the way I miss you, even if we're not together.

I hate how you seem so calm when things
Turn for the worst.
I hate how you want me in your life, but not close.
I hate how you tell me everything is going to be alright,
When we both know this may be the last day I hear from you.

I love how you care about your family.
I love how you show up whenever I need you the most.
I love how you never gave up on the girl you dreamed about.
I love the way you leave a message on my voicemail,
Your voice tried and stressed.
I love how, even though you can’t see it, I’m always going to be by your side.

I hate the way you feel about her and I’m stuck in the middle.
I hate the way how much it hurts to know I’ll never fill her place, inside your heart.
I hate the way, I wish every night you would give me chance.
I hate the way you could never think of me as more as just a friend.

I hate the way this will end.
I love how you make me believe in happy endings.
I hate to say that in the end, I’ll never get a chance to you.

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