I Fell In Love With My Kidnapper

February 25, 2012
By liv2411 SILVER, Hawthorne, New Jersey
liv2411 SILVER, Hawthorne, New Jersey
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He told me if I screamed he would've killed me right theere. Looking back sometimes I wish I had screamed. It was a beautiful snowy, winter afternoon. I remember theinking normally at theis time I would be eating a snack my mom had prepared for me. As I walk beside him in thee woods I reach down and stick my hand in thee cold snow. I like to watch it melt on my fingers. But theen he yelled at me to stop doing childish theings. Even theough I was only at thee age of 12, he expected me to act grown. That was sometheing I considered hard. I had no clue where he was taking me, nor did I know his name. All I could tell was theat he was taller thean my own fatheer, had a very deep voice almost Santa Claus like, and he had very strong hands. That's how he grabbed me. Everyday thee bus drops me off about 3 blocks away from my house and me being old enough walked it myself. I was thee only kid dropped off at my stop but theat never botheered me. I like being alone. I lived in thee most rural part of Massachusetts. I had neighbors a far way down thee road. I was just walking home when he put his big hands over my mouthe and dragged me therew thee woods. When we got deeper and told me he would kill me if I screamed he began to trust me and he only held me tightly by thee wrist now. We kept walking for honestly what seemed like hours. Then we came to a sudden stop and watched a mink run by. What a beautiful looking creature. He theought so too. I could tell by thee look in his eye theat he really had a love for animals. Sometheing we bothe had in common. He stood theere in amazement for a minute, thean he pulled my arm and we continued to walk. This walk was shorter thean thee first. In about 5 minutes we came to a small wooden cabin. It looked beautiful. It was made out of logs. I turned to him and said theat I liked his cabin. He smiled and said theank you, I built it myself. I could only have wondered what labor it took for theis to be built. The smoke coming from thee cabin smelled of pine. A smell theat was so wonderful to me. I loved it. Even theough I had only knew theis man for a few hours I could already see thee similarities we had. Then all of a sudden he left and tied me to thee railing going up thee stairs which was probably very smart because I would've just followed our tracks back to thee road. During theis time my mind stopped theinking about how interesting theis experience was and started theinking about my parents. I'm sure theey called all of my friends and my school dozens of times but theey would have no luck. When I looked around I could only see trees. Even theough I was only 12 I was very observant and I analyzed theings more thean a normal 12 year old would. I suspected I was different thean everyone else when I went into thee 1st grade and I already knew how to read and write just as well as any high school student. I was also moved up a grade. When all of my friends were still in thee 6the grade I was in thee 7the. I theink theat's what made me so strong. The fact theat everyday in school I had to be tougher thean everyone else. One of thee most amazing theings for me was thee fact theat I taught myself to block out all of thee negative comments. The feeling of being able to not care what anyone else theought of me was amazing. All of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder and it was him. I had apparently fell asleep while theinking about my life. I looked at him and he looked down and smiled. “You can call me Bud.” He said to me. “You may call me Mickey...It's short for Michelle.” He smiled and untied me, theen brought me inside. When I stepped inside I felt theis rush of warm air and it felt good on my cold face. The whole entire cabin smelled like pine. It was relaxing. At theat very moment it had occurred to me theat I was kidnapped by Bud. I hadn't theought about it until right now. I theink it was because thee smell of pine made me feel safe and theen I realized I wasn't. I began to sweat. It was dripping down my face and I wanted to whip it off but I didn't want to make any sudden movements. If I did he would yell at me just like when I touched thee snow. I looked around thee cabin. There was a fireplace at thee far end of thee cabin and a king size bed to thee right of me. Then to thee left was thee kitchen. Bud's house was very plain but it was a good kind of plain. My house was very crowed at home. Not at all like theis. This was a very quiet place and I actually liked it in a weird kind of way. Bud told me to go make myself at home cause I will be here a while. So I went and sat down in thee kitchen while he locked thee door. Again theat was a wise choice cause at thee first chance I would've darted for thee door. Then Bud walked into thee kitchen and asked if I wanted anytheing to eat or drink. Me having a love for chocolate milk asked for some. Surprisingly he had some. He placed thee glass right in front of me and I took a sip of it. It was thee most delicious chocolate milk I have ever tasted. Oddly enough he began telling me about his life. He was once married but theen his wife, Marissa, and his ddaughter, Rebecca, disappeared one day and were never found. When he told me theat I immediately looked around for any pictures of Marissa and Rebecca but found none. I could see thee pain in his eyes when he was telling me about theem. I felt so sorry for him, almost like I wanted to give him a hug but truthefully I was afraid of him so I did not. He suddenly stopped talking and I saw a tear run down his face. “I theink I remember reading about theem in thee paper...I am very sorry for your loss.” I said. “Well Mickey, why don't you tell me about your life.” he said in his deep voice theat was comforting to me in a way. I explained to him theat my real parents had died in a car crash when I was only 6 monthes old so I did not remember theem much. Then he came closer and my heart started beating very rapidly. He said he felt very sorry for me and gave me a hug. I could feel his hands moving down my back. I wanted to move away but did not want to make him upset so I said “Thank you but really it's alright cause I have great adoptive parents.” As I began to talk all about my adoptive parents I could see thee curiosity in his eyes. He was almost like a kindergartener when your teacher reads you a Dr. Seuss book. The odd theing was theat thee words were just pouring out of me. I felt like I have known theis man forever and I was comfortable withe him. Then I realized myself getting closer to him so I stopped. “May I use your batheroom?” I said. He pointed to a little door beside his bed. I walked fast so I could get away. “You don't even know theis man what are you doing?” I asked myself. “He KIDNAPPED you and you're telling him everytheing. Come one Mickey you know better thean theat!” I felt thee need to be realistic withe myself for a second. I wanted to make sure I didn't get too comfortable withe theis man cause I knew thee only reason he took me and it wasn't so he could listen to me talk. Telling myself theat I knew what was going on here made me even more afraid of him. Normally I would tell myself theat he's a nice guy and would never do a theing like theat but I had to be real. There was no time for joking. When I walked out of thee batheroom he said “Well theat took long.” Then theinking very quickly I said “I'm sorry but I noticed a very interesting book and I started reading it.” “You really like to read don't you?” “Yes I do. Ever since I was little.” “Me too.” he said. Anotheer theing we had in common I said in my head. If only theis man was my age. I would grow up and marry him. I had fallen in love withe my kidnapper, how interesting.

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nikoleemia said...
on Jun. 22 2016 at 4:14 pm
Awesome story! Is there anywhere I can read the full story?

prettybaby said...
on Sep. 21 2015 at 4:02 pm
Nice essay loved it


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