Dear Mr. Perfect

February 24, 2012
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Dear Mr. Perfect,

Everything has its end but I believe ours doesn’t have one. We’ve known each other for long but now is the only time I’ve really noticed you. We have been together most of the time, smiling and waving to each other in the hallways and talking in class.

I remember our first time meeting. It was on our first day of high school. You were walking in the classroom with your friends who were in the same class as us. You sat behind me. Even though I noticed, I didn’t dare look your way. I always thought you’re just one of those guys who care only about their looks. Well, it’s hard not to think that. Truth is, you were gorgeous and you still are. With your tanned skin, eyes the colour of the sea, brown hair and your half skinny, half muscular body, you’re like a model from those magazines my friends always read. You laughed out loud and it made me lose my grip on the pen I was holding. I reached for it silently and continued doodling on my notebook. Class started and ended. While I was packing my bag, I noticed you weren’t moving at all. You were just staring outside the window. I guess you noticed me looking at you because you looked at me back. We looked at each other for a few minutes until you stood up and introduced yourself.

“Hello, I’m Xavier.” You said.

“Ryleigh.” I said.

There was uncomfortable silence before I realized what time it was and said goodbye.

After that, you kept on talking to me. You told me once that it’s great to have someone like me nearby so that when you need something, help is just one tap away. You made me feel welcome in our first year of high school but the next year, we got separated. I felt alone. We only talk whenever you visit our room or when you need to borrow something from me. But it was still fine with me. I was used to being alone before high school, I just have to be used to it again. It was a fine year. The next year, we were classmates again but you became distant. You’ve never asked for anything from me. But I learned to socialize by my own. I’ve had my own circle of friends, and you were not one of them.

I had a feeling something was missing but I didn’t know what. Our last year made me realize what it was. You started talking to me again. I was surprised to know that you didn’t ask me for anything you need anymore but instead you always ask me what I want and what I need of you. You were always there. Everywhere I go and everything I do, you were right beside me. We became best friends. We got to know each other better. I’ve found out your secrets that you hadn’t told anyone but your brothers.

The first time you asked me to come to your house was when we had a project together as partners. That was the first time I met your mom and your little brother. Your mother said that you always talk about me while you were busy gathering the materials we needed for the project. I admit, I blushed when you walked in. I can’t believe we’re doing the same thing. I keep telling my brother stories about you too. He seemed interested in what’s happening with you because he always asks questions. Well that was, until I found out that he’s blackmailing you especially when I told him you slipped on a pebble when we were on our way to the cafeteria. Forgive me for telling him that and for having him blackmail you like that. You know how Ryder is. And I know how you are. You never hold a grudge especially when it comes to people who hold authority over you. And you’ll never hold a grudge on my brother who’s the captain of the basketball team, right? At that time, I promised myself I’ll be careful of what I tell him about you. After the project-making at your house, I told my brother that your family is great and that I wish I could meet your father and your older brother too. Is that all right? I did learn a few things from Ryder about you. He told me that your father is working out of the country and your brother, whose name is Jake, was studying Architecture at a university out of town. Oh, and that you were a momma’s boy. That’s exactly what he said. So blame him. I know I’m a little overprotective of him as he is of me but right now, I allow you to do whatever you like with him.

Do you want to know one of the greatest moments I’ve ever spent with you? It was during our prom. Unfortunately, we only have Senior Prom. Like you said, we only have one opportunity like this and then out of the blue, while I was tidying up my locker because somebody broke its lock and placed a plant in with some soil along with it, you asked me if I could be your date to the Prom. I told you I’d think about it, right? I know it’s weird. I’m already being asked and then I won’t accept immediately. I’m sorry about that. I was kind of planning to go solo. I wasn’t much of a party person or something on this sort of occasion. I talked to Ryder’s girlfriend about your offer. She is my best gal friend. I think you know what she did. She insisted me on going with you to the prom and even offered to do my make-up and hairstyle for me and scheduled a shopping trip to different stores for gowns. When I told you about my decision, I didn’t know if you were glad or just okay with it because you just said, “That’s cool.” When the night of the Prom finally came, you came to my house in your brother’s car and you were wearing a tux. You look handsome in that. You had given me a white corsage that matched my white gown and whispered that I look beautiful. I wish I could’ve whispered to you too but thanks to your height, I couldn’t. You drove us to the venue. When the night started, you made time stop and fast at the same time. You took pictures with your camera and we danced together. I didn’t know you were a dancer, I have two left feet. After that, you brought me to the beach nearby. We walked on the seashore and talked about many things. Our talk went from the prom to your brother’s car then to dolphins. We always do that. Our talk always changes it subject. I didn’t expect the last subject of our talk. You just stopped talking for a second and then I looked at you. When you looked at me back, you took a deep breath and started talking.

“Rye, we’ve been friends for so long and I have always liked you. I thought being friends was just enough but
then I wanted to get to know you better. We became best friends but I knew it wasn’t enough. That’s when I
realized I love you. I have always loved you. And I want to continue loving you. So is it okay if you go out with

I was caught off guard by what you said. Before I know it, I was crying. When I looked at you again, your eyes were shut tight. I hugged you and you hugged me back and I shouted yes again and again. When I let go, you were crying too. I didn’t know boys could cry when they reach puberty, but you showed it to me.

After graduation, letters came from many universities. I didn’t pass all of them but you did, and I am so proud of you. You went home to New York over the vacation so we didn’t have a chance to be together. Even if you call me every seven o’clock in the evening, we still don’t have enough time to catch up. How do you do that, by the way? Don’t you change your watch to follow the time in New York? It’s really hard to follow time with the wrong watch. You’re crazy, Xav. You always were. In those calls, you haven’t told me once which university you’ll go to. I didn’t even know where you’ll study. I enrolled in my dream university. Thank goodness I passed that one.

My first day in the university, I was really nervous. My knees were shaking and I don’t know how to make friends. People here aren’t like the ones we have back in high school. I checked my schedule and hurried to the classroom. I didn’t dare look at people. I just stayed quiet on my seat. I know you gave me tips for making friends but I just don’t know how it will apply here. Like our first year, I got my notebook and started doodling on the back page. The page was half-full of drawings when I heard a familiar laugh. And at that time, it caught my attention and knew right away that that laugh is special. The past kept on repeating itself. You already made friends with people there. You sat behind me, still laughing. When your friends took their seats, you winked at me. You always surprise me, Xav. In unexpected times and places, and that’s one of the things I love about you.

On our first date, you told me to dress up. I wore a blue green dress that night. I liked it because it’s the same color as your eyes. You came to my house wearing a white polo and black pants, and you’ve never been more charming. You had your own car, which you told me your dad gave you as a graduating present. You drove us to a fancy restaurant, which I think is so much for a first date. The food was delicious and you talking and just being there with me made the whole time amazing. I would pay a lot of money just to have you for a date if you continue making me feel like I’m in paradise. After we have eaten, I noticed you have prepared a surprise. A waiter brought flowers and you gave them to me. I kept on staring at the flowers that I didn’t notice you were already down on your knees beside me. You pulled a box out from your pocket and opened it. Inside was a ring. It wasn’t a diamond ring or anything. It was the ring I keep on looking at a store. It was just so beautiful, with its artistic design that I always think what it would feel like wearing it, and how it would look on my finger. As you put it on my finger, you told me “Happy Birthday!” I was glad you remembered. I didn’t. I was busy thinking about our date for me to have the chance to remember my own birthday. I blame you for making me cry that night. Good thing I was only wearing lip gloss for make-up. When you drove me home, I asked you to take me to the hill near the park. There, you kind-of proposed. That’s what I thought. “If we graduate and I have enough money for a family of my own, I promise I’ll marry you.” Was what you said. I was happy when you said that. I didn’t know you were thinking of anything like that. And to think I thought that I was only dreaming and fantasizing a wedding with you, you’re making it come true.

I have had trouble with my mom after we graduated. I always have but this time, it got worse. I did my best to have a job, I earn well so I don’t think my career is the problem. It’s not you either. My mom seems to be quite fond of you. It’s just really me. You see, everything becomes a misunderstanding between us. I don’t know what I did to make that happen but it happened. There’s always something not right with what I do whenever I’m with mom. I told you all my problems with her, right? And you gave me advice to not let my anger get to me and just think for a second. You know what? It worked! And I owed you so much when our relationship improved. I also made tons of friends at work. All thanks to you.

You are a very special person to me, Xav. You always were. I’m really happy that I got to meet you, know you and be with you. I’ve never felt like a real person my whole life. You have always been there for me. And every time, I feel your love. My love for you grows deeply each time and nothing could ever stop us from loving one another.

With love,

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