Blue Eyes

February 22, 2012
By Accalia17 SILVER, Durango, Colorado
Accalia17 SILVER, Durango, Colorado
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He turned around and I gasped quietly at the color of his eyes. They shocked me when I realized they were niether green, brown, or hazel...but a silver mine. Well, close. They were blue in shade and thats all that mattered to me right then since it was rare to have blue eyes and only I had them. Although, it wasn't just his eyes that made me pay attention to the man in front of me. He turned in my direction again and I hid behind the tree, careful not to make any sound. I continued to watch him when I heard water splashing. There was a stream flowing around his legs, soaking the white trousers he wore. He had skin as black as obsidian, but what surprised me was the golden hair that flowed to his waist...a wierd color combination. The shirt he had worn had been flung on the bank, so his finely chiseled chest was in full view. Suddenly the woods surounding us breathed and my black hair whipped out in front of me, obscuring my vision for a split second. I pulled it out of my face and jerked back when a black chest appeared an inch from my nose. Jumping backward had been a bad idea since I then fell backwards over a bush. Laying on my back was embarassing enough, except my dress had pulled up to shows my undergarments and the dark man was leaning over and laughing at me...I got up and ran, hoping time would go backwards and I could pretend I never saw him. I had been hiking in the Darkwoods, searching for the seasons leftover berries, when I had kneeled down to pick some wild strawberries and heard singing. I looked over the shrub and there I had seen the strange man, about to enter the cool water. I ran back down the path and set my basket of fruit beside a boulder(which I now grabbed)and had hidden behind a nearby tree due to curiosity. People with dark skin came from the south. This man was an odd placement among the green scenery.

To be continued...
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