Fallen Fate

February 27, 2012
Maybe it was the gentle breeze blowing through the city, or maybe the smell of fresh baked goods down the street. Either way, in the city of New York everything just seemed to blossom. It was June twenty-third, 1973. Aiva was nineteen years old and trying to become an artist. It was her day off. Her one day a week her hands were given a rest from drawing and painting. But on her days off, she didn’t rest. Instead she would spend her time walking around town.

She traveled gracefully through the town of Manhattan with a mocha in one hand and her other one tucked in the pocket of her dress coat. A tan beret rested on her head as her soft curly red hair dropped below it. She strolled the town with her best friend Donnie as they talked and window shopped. The city was crowded. The constant rush of people was almost overwhelming but the old town scenery was too gorgeous to be concerned. Finally they made it to Central Park. “I got you something.” Donnie said. “No you did not..” Aiva said surprised but confused on the occasion. Donnie handed her one of the bags he was carrying and said, “Here. Go ahead and open it!” with a smile. Aiva looked at him with gratitude and didn’t ask questions. She knew she would love it because he had always had a crafty side. She pulled out a large picture frame with a picture of the two of them inside it. This had always been her favorite picture. It was from a while back when they had started school there and shared their first night together on the town. “Oh my gosh... No way!” she squealed. Donnie just looked at her with a smile then she wrapped her arms around him and he tightly embraced her. They shared their ideas and talked some more as he walked her back to her apartment. “Thanks for everything. You’re a great friend.” She said, then she planted a kiss on his left cheek.

The next morning she headed into a new painting class through her college to pick up a different technique. She was intimidated by the large ranging group of artists so she remained cautious and a bit shy. A man walked in with dark brown hair (spiked in the front), slight stubble on his face and glowing hazel eyes. He gave off the look as if he was frustrated with his art and had been up for numerous days looking for inspiration. He set up right next to Aiva. “You look a little confused.” He said. Aiva turned to the side and realized his words were directed toward her. She smiled and said “Just a little uneasy. This is my first class here.” He found her smile much more attractive. “Well welcome newbie. We’ll see if you can keep up. If you need anything, my name’s Skye.” “Thanks” she replied. “but I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that.” she grinned and rolled her eyes a little then focused in as the instructor began class. She seemed to have learned similar things already and had no problem keeping up. Skye was impressed. “Where ya headed after this?” he asked “Could I take you to lunch?” “Sure” she replied. They walked out and he grabbed the door for her and they took a taxi to a near place called “Sandra’s” and they sat down. The restaurant was the perfect place for a casual lunch or brunch date. It had neutral colors and big windows outlooking the city. Plants hung down bordering a ledge close to the ceiling and their food was elegant but not too fancy. The names of the dished were still pronounceable and English. We started with just water. “So tell me about yourself.” Skye said constantly glaring into her eyes. “Well, I’ve been in college for three years and started out drawing and fell in love with painting. I liked the idea of the city because there’s always something going on and I just love the life it gives off.” she said carefully picking up her water and taking a sip. She flashed a look back at him with her eyes half open gazed on his luminescent features. He cleared his throat then said, “Well I’ve been painting since i was about five and I guess i just had a calling. I was selling art by age ten and took a few years off when my parents left for California when I was seventeen and I wasn’t going to go so I stayed here and we haven’t talked since.” Aiva’s eyes widened a bit. “I guess that’s sort of unfortunate.” “Yeah, I just couldn’t live anywhere but here” he replied. She nodded in agreement. Finally their waiter came with their sandwiches and they got to know each other some more.

After lunch, they walked downtown for hours smiling and laughing the whole time. The ended up close to Aiva’s apartment so she decided to show him around. To her surprise, she had arrived to her street and Donnie was waiting on the steps that go up to her apartment. “Donnie..?” she said confused, “umm hey this is my friend Donnie. Donnie this is Skye from my art class this morning.” She wasn’t planning on introducing them on their first date but she didn’t really have an option. They shook hands but she didn’t want to stay and chat. There was an awkward vibe the moment she got there. Donnie looked embarrassed. “Well i was just gonna see if you wanted to grab something to eat but I’ll head out. I've got work to drop off down the street anyway.” his eyes still occasionally glancing at Aiva and Skye. Aiva replied with, “oh well we just ate a little while ago but okay, yeah, I’ll just catch up with you later.” She said. He nodded and walked out. She walked past Skye saying, “Sorry we’ve been friends for years. Were not dating or anything.” with a quick grin. She tasseled her hair a little bit and he answered her. “No big deal” and he laughed a little. She showed him around which didn’t take but five minutes because it was just a one bedroom and nearly a half bath apartment. They still weren’t running out of conversation so they got some lemonade and hung out watching a movie for a while.

Meanwhile, Donnie dropped off some of his old supplies and his latest art at a gallery owned by another friend of his. They sat down for a moment. “What’s new, man?” Gary said. Donnie took a deep breath. “Nothing it’s just Aiva..” “You still haven’t said anything?! man up kiddo before it’s too late.” Gary encouraged. Donnie already felt ashamed and insecure. “I know! It probably is already. She brought some new guy to her apartment today after their date.” Gary was surprised. “Dude, I can’t just watch you suffer anymore! If you want her your going to have to do something. Just go for it! It’ll all workout.” “I don’t know. It’s so difficult and I don’t want to ruin our friendship..” Donnie replied. “You won’t. Don’t make me get involved ‘cause I will tell her if you don’t..” Gary sounded threatening. After all, he is a little intimidating. “That’s not fair! I’ll do it, just don;t worry about it. I’ve got it covered.” Gary came right back with a little chuckle and said, “Sure you will. Alright I guess we’ll see!” Donnie wasn’t going to argue. “Thanks man.” he said and walked out to catch a cab and head home.

Aiva and Skye were still hitting it off. They were really in to each other especially for a first date. They fell asleep watching a movie on the couch. The alarm went off in the morning around six a.m. and the awakened in shock. She threw her hair up into a messy bun and Skye quickly washed up and left his number on her counter then rushed out the door and shouted goodbye. She followed a few minutes behind him. After she got out she called him when she got home. They met for dinner at a popular all night breakfast place for pancakes. “Good call” Aiva said. “Hey, no one said you can’t eat breakfast twice a day..” Skye said with a half smile. This was two nights in a row and not even on the weekend. There was no doubt that they were crazy about each other. The more time they spent together, the more they fell in love.

One day, Aiva was sitting in her kitchen finishing a project due the next day. She had been up all night working on it and couldn’t get it right. Donnie knocked on her door. She answered “Hey long time no see..” “Aiva I have to talk to you.” He said. He didn’t even bother to say hi, he just stormed right in and sat her down in the living room.

“I have spent the last four years wanting to be so much more than friends. I have unconditionally been in love with you and was too afraid to tell you because I know you’ve seen me as your best friend which - which your mine too but also you’re so much more. I love you Aiva. I’m sorry, I just had to tell you.” He spilled. Completely. Everything in his mind just poured out. Aiva was speechless. She was not expecting this at all. “umm, well uhh.. Donnie, I had no idea. I love you as my best friend but more than that just doesn’t seem like us. I’m speechless. But you can’t just show up and say this stuff when Skye and I are sort of exclusive now. He’s really great. I think you’d like him. He’s a lot like you. Obviously I can’t date both of you; you just have to understand the whole situation..” She was puzzled. She tried comforting him the way she had always done when something in his life came up. “I’m outta here.” his now soft voice choking back sobs had entered through her ears and straight to her heart. She stood there in shock as he rapidly walked out the door. Teardrops started to slowly fall down her soft sensitive skin. She felt betrayal toward her best friend that she would put some random guy before him. She wasn’t in love with him in the same way, but she didn’t want their friendship to be ruined. She stayed up late thinking about it. It was like her emotions had taken control over her.

The next day Skye stopped by to give her some flowers. She opened the door and he handed them to her and kissed her on the cheek. “Something is wrong.” Aiva confessed. “I love you Skye, but we can’t be together.” “Why not? Is it someone else? Did i do something wr-” he panicked but she cut him off. “No! I really want this to workout but it can’t. I’m sorry. We can just stay together as friends.” she tried not to cry. She didn’t want to see him go. “We’ll whatever makes you happy. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.” His words were more painful than a gunshot or a slit to the throat but he was gone. She dropped to the floor with a pillow in her hands and cried until her eyes were dried out. She had to tell Donnie the news. She had spared their friendship and wanted to make him happy.

In the morning she got ready to share her news. She curled her hair and put her make up on. She completed her usual morning routines and caught a taxi to head out to Donnie’s condo just outside the city. The stop and go traffic usually created rage and chaos. She saw a car coming up fast behind them followed by police. They kept speeding past everyone on a high speed chase. Suddenly she turned to the driver. “We need to move over” she said frantically. He turned the wheel then they felt a sudden jolt. She couldn’t move. Her mind went blank. Less than fifteen minutes later she was dead.

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