The Summer Emily Came

February 22, 2012
By Cassiel17 BRONZE, Lenoir, North Carolina
Cassiel17 BRONZE, Lenoir, North Carolina
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The air was thick with humidity as I walked up to the church doors. The air conditioning inside was very much welcome, and I took a deep breath before heading upstairs. i didn't need to focus on where i was walking, because i knew that place as well as anything. It was another home, a place to worship, a place to laugh, love, dream, and a place to just be. i loved it there. I had just begun speculating about the small number of Youth in my group, and thinking that I would probably be the only girl there tonight-again- when i heard laughter. That wasn't Christian's laugh, and in fact, it wasn't a boy's laugh. i was curious and stepped into the men's Bible study room to find 6 people playing Blokus. i knew all but one. The girl. i had never met her, but i knew her. Emily. The girl i'd been waiting to meet. She was Chirstian's girlfriend, ans impossible not to like. I introduced myself to Emily, and the evening began wonderfully. i watched Chrisian with Emily, and could easily see the love in his eyes. he shot me a glance that said 'How did i end up with someone like this?' i smiled in return. He was always too modest, anyway. After that evening, i knew this summer would be a good one.
and i was right. Obver the summer, i got to know Emily very well. She was an actress and an artuist- a very talented one at that. She was kind and sweet and beautiful-inside and out. you coulsn't help but love her. That smile that came strait from the heart, those eyes that were always alight with joy. one day, a group of us-Emily, Christian, anna, thomas, and i- were down by the dam, swimmind, playing around, the usual. Emily and i were taking our lunch out of the pinic basket and setting everything up.
"Emily?" i asked. She looked up."Can i ask you something?"
" Sure," she answered, looking curiously at me.
"It's going to sound really personal, I know, you love Christian?" Emily stared at me and i worried that I'd gone too far. Then, her features softened and she looked me in the eyes. Blue met brown, and i knew the answer. i smiled at her.
" I thought so. You know, he loves you too, right?" She smiled.
"Really?" I nodded. "Yeah. Head over heels." i paused.
"one more thing," I said. "How in the world did you get him up on stage?" We both starting laughing, and neither of us wanted tostop. At that moment, I knew that the summer Emily came would be one i would never forget,a dn I had a feeling that she would be around for a lifetime.

The author's comments:
Hi, all! The characters in this story are all based on real people. one their real first name is real, but I won't say who. The Summer Emily Came is something that really happened, but past the first evening, it is fiction. Thanks to the people that inspired Christian and Emily, and good luck to you both!

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