February 16, 2012
His hair clung to his face from the wet tears I could tell well streaming from his face. My stomach that had already dropped down to my ankles felt like it had lowered. I just wanted to reach out and stroke his cheek like I have many times before. My arms ached to wrap around his neck and pull him into my embrace. And before I knew it, I was now crying. I couldn't help the overwhelming feeling of burning desire and longing. Love is such a powerful thing. And it's funny how when someone can completely change your view of the world, make the most tormented soul be content, make the most disgusting creature feel pretty. That was how our love is. My eyes couldn't look at his beautiful green eye's any longer and I had to rip my eyes to the ground breaking our eye contact. It was like both our souls were intertwined with each other, even if we were not. I could almost feel a string on my heart to his, that's how amazing our connection is. And why can't I reach out and touch him? Why can't I press my lips to his once again. Because my arms couldn't extend to touch him, there was space between us. A road, some tree's, and two windows. The one he was behind and the one I was. My stomach flipped, and I once again held his eye contact and mouthed out the words, "I love you."

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