One Must Desire Something to be Alive.

January 28, 2012
By CeciliaM BRONZE, Grand Bay Westfield, Other
CeciliaM BRONZE, Grand Bay Westfield, Other
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Decide what to be and go be it.

What a perfect day to have someone walk away forever. My window was covered in tears; I was unable to tell my own from the ones of the clouds. What a terrible thing to say, but it was a perfect sad moment. My mind was still buzzing from the sound of the dial tone after she hung up. Of course she called. "Sparing my feelings" I think were the words she used. Not even a "Sorry". Well, she didn't spare much, She was clever though, quick, like stabbing me through the heart. She might as well have. She was my reason for being. Now I'm left with an empty closet and a numb mind. It was hard not to blame myself. Then I remember it wasn't me who took the knife, she did. it wasn't me watching myself fall to the floor, it was her. It wasn't me who killed us, it was her. And she killed me. Without a second thought, red flashed my eyes, and then nothing.

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