Speed Dating in Miami

February 14, 2012
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Narrator: Charles Dickenson steps off the plane in Miami, Florida. He heads towards the hotel he is staying at so he can get ready for this evening. Meanwhile Andrea is driving to the mall to do shopping for that evening. Charles is walking across the street and the car doesn’t see him and he gets hit.
Andrea: Oh my god!! (Jumps out of car) Are you ok?
Charles: Ya I am fine I just got rammed by a crazy chick in a Mercedes-Benz but I’ll be ok.
Andrea: (Sighs) Whatever.
Charles: Oh don’t worry about calling an ambulance or anything either because I would just love to bleed out here on the street.
Andrea: Seriously??
Charles: No!!! Call an ambulance.
Andrea: Ok I’m sorry. (Calls ambulance, she rides with him to hospital)
Andrea: I’m really sorry.
Charles: And I’m really injured.
Andrea: (sighs) You’re so mean.
Charles: Says the chick that hit me with a car.
Andrea: I said I’m sorry.
Charles: Ok fine. I guess.
Narrator: Charles Dickinson gets 13 stiches in his head and 16 in his arm and is released from the hospital later that afternoon and goes back to the hotel. Andrea goes home and calls her mystery date.
Charles: (Answers his cell phone) Que pasa?
Andrea: Huh?
Charles: What’s happenin.
Andrea: Oh nothing just getting ready for tonight.
Charles: Oh cool. Where are we going?
Andrea: I was thinking of a Chinese restaurant.
Charles: Nice.
Andrea: Well I guess I’ll see you there.
Charles: Alright bye.
Narrator: Charles and Andrea go to the restaurant that night around 8:00. Charles arrives first.
Charles: She’s late. (Checks his watch)
Andrea: (Walks in the restaurant and sees Charles at her table.) Umm hi.
Charles: Uhhh hello.
Andrea: I had this table reserved.
Charles: Ya apparently with me.
(Awkward silence)
Andrea: This is weird.
Charles: Ya my face hurts.
Andrea: I’m sorry. I didn’t see you.
Charles: Clearly.
Andrea: Well I guess I’ll leave then.
Charles: Aww screw it. Let’s have dinner.
Andrea: Alright.
Narrator: After the dinner they got together and later married. While in their fifties Andrea finally finished what she started by running Charles Dickenson over with her brand new SUV.

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