Holy Lovebirds

February 6, 2012
By rainbowjewel_goh BRONZE, Singapore, Other
rainbowjewel_goh BRONZE, Singapore, Other
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Blood was shed to know that we can actually live peacefully together...

Cravens was the world where mythical creatures such as Fallen Angels, Demons, Vampires and Legendary animals live in.
I was a lost bird, a lost and lonely bird which wondered down the streets of Avestrain in the middle of a full moon night. It was one in the morning. All I could hear was the soft howl of the wind that brushed lightly against my golden feathers. I flapped my injured wing miserably as I sought shelter for the night. It was dark and cold, the only things visible around were the beautifully lighted lampposts that sleep in the morning and works in the night. I couldn’t move on… My injury was stopping me, my heart told me to move, my mind has gone blank. All of a sudden, everything went dark… Even the dimmest lights from the fireflies that fluttered by…
The next morning, I found myself sleeping on a humungous bed in a very grandeur-decorated room. I was back to my normal human form when I realized that my arm had been bandaged. Who on earth would bother to help me..? I wondered as I got off the bed and walked towards the nine-foot long golden door. I opened the door and popped my head out, turning it left and right. Not a single living form could be found. I took a step out of the room and froze momentarily upon hearing a deep low voice from the right, “Looks like the injured Nightingale is back to normal.” I instantly turned to look and saw a tall man; he was tall and handsome, with silver hair and azure blue eyes that looked just like a Fallen Angel from heaven.
“Who are you?” I asked rudely, glaring straight into his eyes.
“Is that how you thank a person who rescued you from dying?” he said, smiling.
“Like I care whether you saved me or not. In the end, everyone of you humans just save me because you think I’m a Nightingale and when I turned back to human during the say, you guys just kick me out of the house. Now may I know who you are?!” I snapped.
“I’m Kyle Edwin, nice to meet you,” he said as he reached his hand out for a handshake.
“I’m not interested in being your friend. Just tell me how to get out of this place and back to Eirolastin,” I retorted at him.
“My my. Whatever happened to the myth whereby the Legendary Nightingale was a graceful and elegant golden bird I wonder?” Kyle said, still smiling away.
His smile irritates me… I thought and said, “You must have gotten the wrong person. I’m no legendary nightingale. Just a normal nightingale which transforms into human during day time. Now can you tell me how to go back to Eirolastin?!”
“Then how do you explain the sign on your ankle?” Kyle asked, pointing towards my left ankle where there was a golden star sign imprinted there.
“Where’s the ribbon?” I lowered my volume.
“Right here,” he said as he took a pink shimmering ribbon out of his pocket.
“Give it back!” I shouted, shooting a fireball at him. He dodged it and said, “Oh. So now we are resorting to physical violence eh? Interesting.”
“I said give it b-!” I stopped when his lips were suddenly on mine. It was a kiss that took my breath away, a soft and gentle yet rough and forceful one.
“Le..! Let go of me!” I shouted when I managed to finally push him away, “What on Cravens are you doing?!”
“Hmmm… isn’t that what we call a kiss?” Kyle said with a really sweet smile that I couldn’t stop admiring.
“That’s what you do with the person you love! Not with someone you just met! What you’ve just done was considered RAPING!!” I yelled, shocked by the kiss.
“Isn’t raping a little too extreme? It’s just a soft kiss on the lips. Not like I’m interested in your body or anything. Your body shape isn’t the least bit interesting, just so you know,” he said, smiling once again as he passed the ribbon back to me.
“WHAT?! YOURS ISN’T ANY BETTER YOU KNOW?!” I bellowed at him and took the ribbon before stomping away.
“Where are you going? And I still don’t know your name yet,” he said.
“There’s NO WAY I’m giving my name to retarded people like you!! I’m going someplace where I’ll never see you again!!” I bawled and ran down the super long hallway.
What on Cravens is wrong with that guy?! I thought as I slowed my pace down, now that I think of it… Where’s the way out of this mansion..? I walked around the mansion for the next two hours or so, turning either left or right on every turn but ended up in the same place where I started. P***ed, I shouted out, “Stupid Kyle don’t know what Edward guy! Get me out of this bloody mansion!!”
“Haha. Looks like even the Legendary Nightingale gets lost in a big mansion like this,” I heard his giggles from behind me.
“Just tell me how to get out of here!!” I shouted.
“Tell me your name first and I’ll consider telling you how to go to the exit,” he said with that sweet smile of his again.
Why must he smile all the time?! I thought and said, “Fine. I’m Sapphire Marisel. And YES. I’m the Legendary Nightingale. NOW TELL ME THE WAY OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE!”
“Oh my. What a rude nightingale indeed,” he said, walking towards me.
“Shut up. Now that I’ve given you my name, hurry tell me the exit of this mansion,” I said calmly, trying not to waste my breath on a guy like him as I looked down onto the floor.
“No way. Not after I have laid my hands on a precious bird like you,” he said, using his fingers to lift my head up, making sure our eyes could make contact.
“What do you intend to do with me?” I asked, looking straight into his eyes.
“Hmmm. Marry me,” he said in a calm and straightforward tone.
“HUH?” I said bluntly.
“I said marry me,” he repeated, smiling once again.

The author's comments:
I absolutely love this piece ! I've always loved Fantasies and i have a lot more but for now i just want to focus on one ! Hope you enjoy <3

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