"Our Perfect Heaven"

January 18, 2012
By Lillianna-Reys BRONZE, Stringer, Mississippi
Lillianna-Reys BRONZE, Stringer, Mississippi
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"An' harm ye none, do what ye will"

*Every time you see him your heart melts

No matter how light the touch there are sparks between you

And if he says your name you swear you could fly

In the back of your mind you know you love him

You also know you can never have him

And that’s why you must*

As she bounded up the stairs and hit her bed words began to pour out. Naturally she did all she could think of; she began to write. These are the words that spewed out*. He was all she could think of, that guy. That’s all she knew him as yet every time his black hair fell in his face or she met his brooding green eyed stare she fell in love all over again. At the moment she was reliving the best moments of her day, when she heard her little sister’s voice.

“Alaina, Alaina! Mom said to get down here….now!!” yelled her little sister Sammie in her little matter-a-fact tone she knew drove Alaina crazy. That was when Alaina snapped.

“Sammie! So help me if you ever scream at me again I will kill you!” yelled Alaina as she turned up her favorite BOTDF CD and blasted out the lyrics to “IMA MONSTER”. Then came the voice of the one person she didn’t even know was able to tell her what to do; the person she would’ve called dad if he was ever around to earn the title.

“ Yo mama told you to come down here an’ help her! Now you get down here or I come up ‘er and get’cha” yelled Samuel Matthews slurring his words so bad that Alaina could barely understand him. Already she could tell that he was slobbering drunk as always (or at least whenever she was forced to be around him.) Instead of heading her “father’s” words she grabbed her always ready bag of her bedside table and climbed out her window to escape the fight that was about to ensue. That’s how she got here, well wherever here is.

“Well great,” thinks Alaina Matthews, “now I'm not only lost I'm hallucinating.” Every time she turns a corner it seems as if she ends up in the exact same place; just now she can swear something is following her. Wait…not following, stalking her like a prey.

Suddenly she hears, “Alaina, is that you? What are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?” she whips around at the same instant her best friend Brian reveals himself from the shadow concealing most everything around her. As he steps forward into the moonlight she realizes he’s not alone. “Of course, he’s got James and John with him,” thinks Alaina as the twins come to stand on his flanks as if waiting for an alpha’s orders.

Pushing Brian playfully as she so often does Alaina begins to speak. “Brian you of all people should know not to sneak up on me. No matter how funny you and your boys think it is,” she adds smiling mischievously at all three of her life-long buddies.

“ Awww come on Alaina allow us have a little fun,” whined Brian as Alaina noticed another figure emerge from the shadows. Suddenly her eyes couldn’t leave the newcomer’s piercing stare that bore into her soul from under his black hoodie; immediately she knew that she was, quite literally, staring beauty in the eye.

“ Hey. Alaina right?” the newcomer asked in a low whisper that sent chills up Alaina’s spine,” I'm Adian, the new kid in all your classes.” As he said this he slowly removed his black hoodie and red/gray scarf from his head to reveal the same striking face Alaina had been mesmerized by all day.

“ Ummm, yea I'm Alaina,” she responded, barely able to keep her voice steady as she remembered that he was, in fact, in all her classes; even drama. “So Adian, how are you liking it here so far?” she asked removing her own hood as well.

Suddenly there was a rustling of the branches only feet from Alaina's position and every person in their small group was suddenly all ears and on full alert. Then, to everone's surprise none other than Samuel Matthews, Alaina's father or so she had been told, burst into the moonlit clearing. As he glared around the gathering his eyes fell on the one person he despised above all, Brian Simmons. Although his eyes never left him, his slurring words were aimed at his daughter, who currently was fishing in her purse for her ever ringing cell.

As soon as she realized her father was speaking the only words she heard from his mouth were, " No you'll never stop me from taking MY DAUGHTER whereverIfeel like!" No sooner than ALaina had heard these words come from her father's mouth, the unthinkable happened. Silmultaneously, Brian ripped Alaina from her spot nearest Samuel and in return Samuel lifted the gun that only Brian had noticed. For Alaina, vision blurred and her hearing became fuzzy. Then, it was black; pitch black.

The author's comments:
this is a chapter frm a book im writing.

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